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Quick little idea for rifts

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This is just a silly little suggestion from me but what if instead of destroying anything that gets in the way of the the rifts, anything that touches the lunar rift turf gets crystalized or disappears in a lunar like shine of light, and when the rift disappears everything that was crystalized or disappeared de-crystalizes or reappears. I think this would be a good idea because it keeps your world from turning into a barren landscape but also in the just disappearing case, keeps the area where the rift was clean while it is there. Anyway thank you for listening to this little rant of mine and have a good day :-P

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1 hour ago, lenship2 said:

if it touches anything that has a lunar counterpart (trees, mushrooms, flowers, etc.) it should lunarify them too :D 

Ah... I remember when I suggested this.


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1 hour ago, GelatinousCube said:

Something would be nice, I'm getting a bit sick of huge areas of forest being decimated by rifts and having to build them back up.The treeguards it spawns are nice though.

maybe when a tree dissapears it could have the treegaurd spawning chance:wilson_lightbulb:

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