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Brightshades should despawn eventually.

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I get it. Farming bad. Berry bushes bad. But wouldn't brightshades be as much of a terror and less of a nuisance if they only persist while a rift is open, though? So many things both with moon and shadow that revolve around active rifts, yet when a shadow rift closes, you get reprieve from threats like boulders, acid raid, and the triplets. Or even the nightmare cycles in the ruins, where there's a constant threat of shadow creatures that disappear once the cycle ends. Why not have the brightshades die off naturally once the rift closes?

Players will still be fighting them for their loot, since the husks are an important ingredient you can only get from them, and rifts tend to be active long enough to sufficiently punish players that are enjoying farming gameplay, regardless.

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I would personally be down for this (perhaps with an extra 1-2 day grace period before they die off to make sure you can get the last wave that spawns), as long as ones that die off in this method do not drop loot. I do find it mildly silly they can survive after the rift closes and will cause overpopulation issues if you are not careful, compared to the shadow rifts where the miasma lasts a day or so before going away on it’s own.

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