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  1. Does it seem like refrigerators and smart storage compactors use an obscene amount of power to anyone else? 2 fridges or 4 smart compactors use as much power as a pump operating 24/7. By late game I have like 50 fridges. Did Klei really balance power usage with the mindset that most people will just keep their fridges unpowered?
  2. That's fair. Make fridges meant to serve as an endpoint for dupes, and expect players to only ever have a few in their base. Though, they should allow regular compactors to store food, or buff the storage capacity of ration boxes. Smart storage compactors should only consume power when a change occurs in its contents. That would make it more consistent with power consumption in airlock doors, gas filters, shutoff valves, etc.
  3. Sure, I get that, and I do that as well to get me by... but by late game when I'm prettying up everything, seeing all the no-powered symbols everywhere starts to really trigger me. I also like using smart storage a lot for automation, but I hate that I get punished so harshly for doing so.
  4. Managed to get to over cycle 1200 no problem, but now I can't go past half a cycle without a crash. No error messages or anything, just an instant crash to desktop.
  5. On inspection, ceiling light is missing its name string. (Okay, I discovered this bug specifically relates to having the Destructible POI mod. Not sure if that's fixable on Klei's end or should be deferred to the Mod developer.)
  6. Sometimes on game load, various common tiles don't visually combine. Glitch is fixed by either deconstructing/reconstructing the tiles or reloading the game.
  7. At least the wand is somewhat useful for clearing out killer bee zones, and only requires one boss to kill.
  8. Ah, so there is a use for living artifact... well, if this worked.
  9. Not just sharkkittens. I once encountered sealnado during hurricane and the tiger shark showed up and attacked him.
  10. Balphins don't come out of Palaces

    Is it possible the ballphin migrated? I notice sometimes they just wander far away from their palace and get stuck.
  11. Eyeplants don't spawn on hamlet turf

    I prefer to use lureplants for harvesting my grass and twigs, so for me, I lose the decor option of using hamlet turf for my farms.
  12. Eyeplants won't spawn on turf that they would be expected to spawn on, such as mossy and cultivated turf.
  13. No eruptions during dry season, and no rain/puddles in monsoon season for me.
  14. When placed on the ground (in this case dense turf, but also happens with the turf removed) in a shipwrecked world, the idol becomes a sunken object and can't be picked back up. You can cast your fishing rod at it, but gets cancelled immediately. I seem to be unable to retrieve the idol again. This bug goes away if you remove the idols via console and retry.
  15. Glommer despawns when you leave him in another room in the shanty, even though his flower is still there.
  16. Yep. Tried to use the wand on killer bees in SW to no success. Desktop 2019.06.05 - (
  17. Thumper blind spot?

    Yep, every thumper I've placed would have a blind spot. It's probably in the same cardinal position, but I tend to rotate my map a lot. I'll have to verify once I reconnect my skyworthy.