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Why can't I get a saw horse crafting station??

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In ps5,I built many many chairs for lady crab, but she still won't give me saw horse blueprints,why???

I've always been very kind to lady crab, giving her padded jacket in the winter, give her an umbrella when it rains., give her vegetable salads in the summer., and most important......most important,mustn't forget I built a house for her....But now she treats me like this?

This is an old world, over 5000 days.

Dear @CharlesB@JanH,please tell me what's going on here?



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6 hours ago, Brago-sama said:

Hmm, have you built one recently after the update hit? Maybe she doesnt register chairs built prior to the update

Im on ps5 as well and as soon as I made her the chair she gave me the blueprint.

yep,after the update,but  no blueprint.

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There is a very small possibility that Klei heard all the people wanting less tedium in obtaining the SawHorse so they’re now working on removing it from Crab Gannys claws and hopefully making it more universally available by being something like a Alchemy Machine prototype or maybe even the Carpenters Table duh! Either way.. I can’t say for certain that is what’s going on.. but I do know we got another update coming this week for Hallowed Nights! So it’s possible

(Xbox Series X/S version has been super laggy lately, it tends to do that for some reason right before a new patch update.)

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I had this issue too. I kept hammering and destroying the chair, and eventually she gave me the blueprint, I placed it right next to her when it happened but no idea if it helped or not. 

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