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Abigail's Flower Theory

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One of the things that interested me for a long time was the Abigail flower. The fact is that, as a rule, in many plants in the game Wickerbottom can recognize a clear group or any other things, hinting that these flowers exist in the real world. Here are examples:



However, she does not recognize Abigail's flower. Exactly the same as ordinary flowers that are found in the world (with the exception of roses). Which is not like Klei. It seems to me that they would not miss the opportunity to make a reference to a real flower. In this case, where did Wendy and Abigail get these flowers from?


In the short film about Wendy, we are given to understand that these flowers are still from the real world. But that doesn't explain why Wickerbottom doesn't know them. It also becomes strange when we find out that the Abtgale flower can be created using Nightmare Fuel and Mourning Glory. Both things exist only in the Constant. But at the same time, these flowers are not able to grow in the world of Constant.


I would like to ask you to pay attention to the fact that where Wendy lives, flowers grow very similar to those that exist in Constant and which Wickerbottom does not recognize. To be honest, I don’t think that in other short films about the real world they showed us flowers from Constant.


Naturally, if something strange happens, it's Robert Wagstaff's fault. Firstly, the Abigail flower does not grow in Constant, but can be bred from another flower that only exists in Constant. We were shown that Wagstaff could bring things from Constant in the Webber short. This may also partially explain the appearance of flowers from Constanta near Wendy's house. I also want to note that Wendy’s house also has some details of the house that refer to this flower, which may indicate that these flowers are the main feature of this place. 

So these flowers are a Wagstaff experiment? Otherwise, why does Winona associate this flower with the Voxola company?


However, do we have a problem with time? We know that this short film takes place before April 16, 1914. The fire at Voxola occurs in 1919. And the disappearance of Webber occurs somewhere between 1918 and 1920 (we can draw a conclusion based on the fact that he knows what a license plate is on a car, but does not know what a hair dryer is). We can remember that Wx-78 came through the portal. If we assume that Webber went missing in 1918, this suggests that Wagstaff may have been moving between the real world and Constant before 1919. This could explain how he got the spider, how WX-78 went missing, how he created the Abigail flower, and it may also indicate that at the world's fair in 1910, he was demonstrating something related to the Constant, but what - interfered with him and caused a fire, destroying his find. However, we have information that Wagstaff can travel between Constant and the real world after 1919. Because at the end of the short film about Wilson, his hand appears. This means that Wagstaff somehow managed to end up in the real world after 1921 (the date Wilson disappeared as Kevin said)


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1 hour ago, Deerclops Mika said:

we can draw a conclusion based on the fact that he knows what a license plate is on a car, but does not know what a hair dryer is

Webber is a child, him not knowing what a hair dryer is doesn't mean they don't exist. 

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ML-77 phonograph had been in society since at least 1906 ( You can see it in Maxwell's short ), and it was already able to provide some connection with The Constant, as well as playing ragtime to Wendy

Both Nightmare Fuel/Shadow Creatures and Ghosts seem to be able to move between or interaction across planes without a real portal.

So it don't need Wagstaff's portal for all this to happen.

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Interesting theory seem you really care about this and getting to that sweet sweet lore knowing this I have a theory I think you might like investigating




I don’t think that the fight between lunar and shadow is good vs evil but if it is there are some interesting parallels


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