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What was the thought process behind the "Ice Crystaleyezer"

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1 hour ago, _zwb said:

Complains about a structure but doesn't say why it's bad. Why would you expect the developers to know what problems you're having with it?

Obviously my point is that its false advertising. SURE it makes "ICE CRYSTALS" but more importantly it sucks cock. You place that stinker down and all you can think about is the sheer magnitude of male genitalia it's munching on. Either fix the damn thing or stop lying to the masses and change its name to the aforementioned "**** Suckyouleyezer". I even kept the stupid eye pun.

49 minutes ago, lenship2 said:


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most helpful dst community forums suggestion:

Throwing stones out of a "ICE CRYSTAL" castle little man. For the uninformed, ice is very brittle, quite to similar to glass.

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This is a subversion tactic. OP's historical posts have been over criticizing brightshades which serve as a huge problem against players in the current day and age. Brightshades aren't implemented in a way that is reasonable, yet says this things that warrant a ban.

He's poisoning the well.

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So do you have any idea for how it should be fixed or what it should do, besides indulge in it's unconventional diet? Or are you just unconstructively complaining for the sake of it? I'm not sure what you're expecting out of it.

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