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Goodbye Don't Starve for a while!

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Hello guys, thought I'd upload my final base tour for a while. Me and PurpleSquirtle are due to have a baby within the next few days so I wanted to post what we've been up to these last few months in DST. I've had a lot of fun in this world and perhaps in the future we may return to this world but for now our focuses have changed.

Thankyou everyone for watching any questions feel free to ask

For anyone wondering why the base isn't smouldering, smouldering doesn't happen when it's raining. I play Wickerbottom during summer if I'm not in the caves so I have easy access to rain books.

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1 hour ago, Retepeter said:

congrats but how the hell did you get that much dreadstone for the pillars

alot of construction amulets, make loads of dreadstone walls wearing one... then break them in whatever way is easiest for you, deerclops/bearger/ woodies wearbeaver form. once destroyed you've already doubled the dreadstone you had. rinse and repeat till you get the amount you need

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