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  1. No Grass or Twigs

    Can you post a screenshot please? I believe you when you say you're playing with 'Default' resource, but it weirdly does sound like the alternative twiggy trees and grass geckos haha. Also the no tumbleweeds... If i remember correctly, tumbleweeds don't spawn in the oasis desert, so is there a chance you're in that one and not the original desert?
  2. Bats in a shop

    i have bats in my shops aswell haha
  3. Performance Issues

    When entering a shop/ruins/mant hill there seems to be huge performance issues and not even relogs help. The frame rate can be steady one second, and then plummet to literally 5fps. This happened to me whilst i was fighting the Womant, so as you can guess that was fun fighting in slow motion. I tried relogging during the fight and it didn't help. after killing the Womant it took me literally 20 minutes, yes two minutes to get out of the mant maze because of how low the fps was. I asked around and quite a few other people are experiencing performance issues in these places. hopefully it will be fixed soon because it's a little frustrating haha, thanks for your time ~
  4. Moving Telelocator Focus

    So i found this bug, when you place a statue on the edge of the triangle within the Telelocator focus you can shift it's position. It appears to move not only for me, but another player for a certain distance, until moving it only becomes visible on my screen. We tried unloading our base and when we came back the triangle had moved kinda back to the original position, but slightly out of place
  5. Shipwrecked, Woodlegs Base Tour

    Sanity comes easy in my world as I have a Mushroom island set piece and even then surf n turf / jerky or banana pops are easy enough to do
  6. Shipwrecked, Woodlegs Base Tour

    Thought i'd upload it here, thanks for watching guys
  7. Random question, but after the update has anyone else lost there Catcaps ? Rip Catcaps forever remembered Well turns out they're just invisible on the floor woops
  8. Not quite sure on the poison change, wasn't exactly hard before so why make it easier ? other than that nice update