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Add Giant Variants of All Trees

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To counter hail, plus giant trees are cool af and we need more of em imo.

Also add mob hp regeneration so unloaded mobs can heal up and your world doesn't become a wasteland eventually.

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That sounds like a nightmare for the art and animation side of things.

Maybe in the future as its own thing, but to specifically counter the hail, the effort doesn't seem worth the outcome.

I wouldn't mind some way to have mob regen, or a hut-like structure, something for them, rather.
I made a hut structure a while back, it'd provide shade and protection. Something like this, maybe a bit larger for mobs would be super welcome.

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2 hours ago, -Variant said:


This wouldn't be only to counter hail, this would be decoration, a way to defend from summer everywhere, a bigger reason to visit the ocean's waterlogged biome, possibly a new way of having passive tree cone source. This isn't like the pillars where it only exists to counter boulders and also has a side effect of countering earthquakes, just like giant waterlogged trees it'd have a lot more use cases and I think the Dev time that'd be put in would be greatly appreciated from how I see what adding giant variants of all or at least some trees would bring to the table for the players.

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IMO it should be exclusive to lune trees, since they are kind of meh right now compared to other tree types, and the white blossoms would make for beautiful canopy. It could even lead to a giant lune treeguard boss or sthn as part of lunar rifts.

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1 hour ago, randiao said:

My idea is to add a tool that transforms land into ocean, so that big trees can be planted in more ideal locations

Knobbly tree nuts are buggy when it comes to falling into the water with blowing up docks and stuff, you'd be forced to use a boat, a pinchin winch and that tool to even plant the thing, not to mention the amount of pain it'd be to fertilise that tree, and the hole in the ground would be extremely ugly as well.

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