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Are we able to get square table orientation to change like pillars?

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I love the addition of tables and am very eager to design with them seriously when the beta makes it to the live branch, but before it happens, I'm wondering if when on a diagonal camera orientation, tables could behave like walls and pillars?

Sorry I didn't raise this observation earlier on. It's a bit late in the beta to play around with models and sprites, but it would go a long way to make everyone's builds a lot more pleasant. 


Front on, I've got a pretty looking bar situation going on and I'm holding out hope that food eventually can be placed in a far future update to bring a different life into servers


Diagonally it resembles a bar a bit less.


If it's not too much to add either, could it look more adjoined from this angle too?


It's probably way too much to ask, but it's just something that would add character to the world. 

Either that or could we have a future craft for bar-like structures for the sawmill?

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Funnily enough I assumed it was rotating already simply because there was a round table, to justify a difference or it could have been a skin… but oh well ! I hope this is getting tweaked. That is a nice bar.

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