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twinsister Abigail


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I just logged in for another 2 hours of fun with Wendy!

And after 1 minute there was a ghost!

Apperantly see's my twin sister = Abigail :confused::confused:

she doesn't hurt and she gets out of my way... I still don't know what she does... I'm checking it out as we speak

And there was also a bird and he was orange/red, I can't remember, I'm too shocked...


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I've found that she just follows me around, hurting any creature that she flies through.

Haven't encoutered any hostiles in the two nights she was with me so i can't say anything on that.

And some advice, don't run back quickly. Abigail doesn't react as quickly so you will get damage too if you walk through her.

And she hurts ;)

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