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Skill tree quantity/quality

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Knee Jerk reaction post.
I can obviously see a lot of folks are concerned/split on the Skill Trees.
I personally am not for them, but I can't ignore that the new perks are really fun/wacky.

My real genuine concern is how long this is gonna take to roll out. I'm still recovering from the like... 3 or so years spent on character reworks. I'm not really looking forward to doing it all over again with skill trees.
Even if it is supposedly 3 at a time, that's still a lot of characters to tackle and a lot of time to go into beta periods alongside the other content updates.

I'm quite intimidated seeing what possibly lays ahead. 

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maybe simpler skill trees will come in bigger groups? Anyways I wouldnt't be too worried, it seems like Klei is going to bundle up the trees with fixes and addons for previous updates, or they may just come along with new content. (Wilson rework (first skill tree) coming together with the Daywalker for some reason)

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i think while of course this is a valid concern i dont think the situation of the reworks will repeat.

First because the reworks were thought as a sort of event, they were a celebration of the character as well as way to remark their identity, and intentionally the update focused on htem and nothing more.

The skilltrees are not these, and most importantly we are not getting only the skill trees, we got an entire rework on the new items so i think its very likely that the skilltree updates will be released alongside qol updates, which i think we all love.

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Considering we got 3 at once, I'd say it's looking bright for how quickly they'll all get out. Hopefully 3 is a smaller batch and next update we'll be looking at 4-5 characters getting skill trees.

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