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[Game Update] - 562984

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  • Developer

Just a small hotfix for some visual bugs.

  • All versions
    • Fixed issue preventing natural tiles from using their biome-specific visual trim. 
    • Fixed two canvas skins being assigned to the wrong canvas building types ("The Swell Swell", "Flight of the Slicksters"). 

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Is there a place for more information about the supply closet? Although I have not yet looked at the wiki. Where can I find some info that was produced by the studio, please?

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2 hours ago, Slvrsrfr said:

the consolidated and compiled type of info, thanks!

I still have no idea what you are looking for... Sorry..

Supply closet gives you blueprints you can use in game. It can be buildings, clothing or balloons. Buildings can be selected in game as a different version of an existing building when you unlock the blueprint. Clothing and balloons need to be equipped to the dupe first through the closet. It was found by players you can get 3 blueprints per week and they reset on Thursdays. Blueprints are random and you can get duplicates you can't exchange for anything (yet). You need to have data exchange (or what's it called) enabled and have your steam/epic account connected to your Klei account. Every time a blueprint is available for you, there is a button to click either in-game or on the main menu to see what blueprint you got before you can select or see it in the closet. 

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  • Developer
9 hours ago, sakura_sk said:

and have your steam/epic account connected to your Klei account

You'll still get the weekly drops even if you don't go through the new account flow on the Klei accounts website. Klei accounts is only needed for the supply crates that we did when first introducing cosmetic skins to the game, and that is just because we needed a place to distribute them that already existed while the game UI was being developed. Data communication is required because your skins inventory is stored on the server, so naturally you need to talk to the server to get it.

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