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Ideas about Umbralla features

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I just made this item in the game and showed it to my brother. He said it would be cooler if it blocked attacks like the umbrella in the Kingsman movie. In other words, just like Forge's Blacksmith's can right-click to block attacks in one direction.

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Some crazy ideas for it- held in Hand it reacts like an Umbrella/Spear can be used to block Rain & Acid Rain, And deals about the same damage as a Brightshade Hammer. (It’s only fair) When dropped on the ground and Activated (like turning On/Off a Dropped Lantern) it will Use Durability but turns the Umbrella into a “Cage” (like that shadowy drippy edges just leak down touch the ground) in this form it protects the player from incoming Damage but consumes durability.

The player cages themselves INSIDE the Umbralla though so your basically Snurtle Shell Armor.

In the “Deployed” state the Spear clearly on top of the Umbralla will instantly “Break” Boulders that are falling on top of it.

TL:DR it’s an umbrella+Spear when held in Hand, And a heavy duty armor+Umbrella when dropped on the ground.

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8 minutes ago, Littlefat1213 said:

i think it would be cooler if can block the moonlight, i mean that avoid woodie transform in fullmoon. You know, the parasol blocks sunlight and umbralla blocks moonlight

i mean, wouldn't he transform the second you unequip it?

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