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Do you turn on rifts in settings?

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The “proper way” meaning in a lobby participating in Co-Op with 5 other players to help you do a lengthy Quest and fight bosses clearly not intended to be fought alone?

Then Yeah I Turn on Rifts, and I Turn them on in Day 1 Fresh Start Worlds- This Also provides a Unique Dynamic: Because I have to Rush to find Lunar Island, Obtain Moon Glass to Craft a Brightsmithy & try to stay one step ahead of the Invading Rift Mobs.. and UNTIL I can fight them, I have to let them take over my worlds.

UNLIKE if you did it the so called “Proper Way” where by that point of the game you’d already have the tools and gear to deal with the threats..

Day 1 Rifts are something you have no choice but to Avoid until you can come back to them later.

Kinda like your Base getting over Run by Spider Queens.

Toggling the Rifts on in Day 1 worlds to me is no different from beating Batman Arkham and then unlocking New Game + Mode where you play through the game all over again, but with “Late Game” Challenges already active from the beginning of the Game.

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No. They don't provide anything necessary, so I'd rather have more content past celestial champion and fuelweaver so I have more things to do when I reach that point on a given world.

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Tried it once, turns out brightshades are even more obnoxious when you don't have high tier gear to deal with them. Haven't tried shadow rifts, I imagine the acid rain would more or less put a stop to whatever you're trying to do in the caves.

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I want to bump this thread and provide a bit more insight to my experience with this feature-

Toggling Wild (Lunar) Rifts to On in a Day 1 world has made playing this game with my Noob friends much much more enjoyable for both Me & Those Noob Friends because my biggest issue when playing this game in Multiplayer with others, is supplying them with Weapons & Armor.

And prior to this update- I was doing that with Pigskin Football Helmets, Log/Marble Suits, And Spears & Darkswords.

But a NOOB Player is going to Burn through ALOT of Weapons and Armor so much so that you (the person supplying them with weapons and Armor) will spend all your time gathering grass, logs, Marble, ropes, pigskin, Nightmare Fuel, Living Logs. Etc..

Alternatively you can pick Wigfrid to supply them with Battle Helms & Battle Spears but that’ll require you play as a Specific Character- and senselessly burn through Gold.

Lunar Rifts is content that renews Itself- As in Interacting with these Rifts give you the very Weapons/Armor you need to be able to interact with these rifts better.

Brightshades while incredibly Deadly (pun intended) are also completely STATIONARY so you can literally just avoid going around them, but once you DO fight them the Husks they Drop will give you the resources needed to craft Brightshade Gear.

It is way way wayyyyy Easier to supply my noob friends with BS Helms, Armor & Weapons.

and for Comparison sake- a Spear deals 31 damage, a Brightshade Hammer Deals 42 Damage.

Brightshade Swords are also better to give to Noob players than Darkswords (no negative sanity drain while held)

As far as Shadow Rifts go I haven’t played around enough with those in Solo Or in Multiplayer to have an “Informed” Opinion on them yet, however since Ink Blights are NOT Stationary mobs.. and are in caves where noob players will struggle with darkness and sanity- I’m going to assume that Turning these on in Day 1 worlds won’t benefit the Newbie players like the Lunar rifts can.

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