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Is this game intended to be what Griftlands was initially designed as?

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I don't think so, before Griftlands became a card game, its teaser short showed that its combat system was turn-based.

But Dread Pilots seem to share the same world with Griftlands? If I remember correctly there are texts that suggest that the Griftlands background lore contains interstellar colonization.

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15 hours ago, MycoLogical said:

I remember when Griftlands was meant to be combat focused and not a card game. Is Rotwood meant to be the original vision of Griftlands?

Interestingly enough, Rotwood was most likely derived from The Forge event in DST!

@lakhnishhad asked what inspired Rotwood and well,


I think it's pretty clear!


And on the technical side of the game, it's very similar to DS/T's programming! They had described it as a "mutation of the DST engine" on the dev stream yesterday.

Great to see the forge was able to inspire a whole new game for Klei and get it's ideas and concepts integrated into it's own full game

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