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Scrapbook will need more Mod Support

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This won't be very exiting reading material as this is only things I would wish for as a modder regarding the Scrapbook. I've worked on large content mods which usually allows me to quickly visit new features added in updates, seeing how moddable they are and where I run into issues trying to make things consistant or simple.

Looking at its state, it's certain the Scrapbook will evolve with the data it can provide to players, it will also take a lot of times for old mods to set their content in it (good luck) but in the end it is likely that modded world players will have an easier time accessing an item / mob information as mods' descriptions and wikis tend to be less visited or complete.

Anyway... even with that I consider it's important to make setting up mod content for this book as ACCESSIBLE it can be for beginners, and currently certain things are not, others might just not be doable at all, but supposedly only for now with this being only the first beta update ?
But even in scenarios they're not doable... I got suggestions.



Inserted images in descriptions :


Sub icons :
Not used for lots of things, currently it's shown for fuel and fuelled objects but I could totally see it being expended to see spoilage replacements, foodtypes and other things. However right now these are only listed locally using just the default fueltypes and so without resulting to spamming getupvalues putting mod images within the descriptions is gonna be boring.

Big icons :
This would also applies for the larger pictures (Health, Hunger, Damage, ...), there should probably be a way to insert new ones for mod added mechanisms since the list of effects can go more or less specific as we can see with the "Emit Light" one :


Crafting icons :

And lastly about pictures, the little recipe description page with the icon of the filter / character used on the left won't show for modded character too even if their filter avatar is set properly, demonstration with one I added quick :




Modded characters' descriptions / cannot "investigate " :

Currently the list of quotes can only display the vanilla characters. I bet there's some fair logic behind this but I think this is too unfortunate and maybe too few solutions were explored.
I went with one myself which is very simple and it's just to show every known mod characters if Wilson examinated it + make modded characters reveal Wilson one (since old mod characters might have missing quotes and then use Wilson one as fallback) :


Eventually, if the quote is missing (for both vanilla / modded content), the icons could be greyed out.

The second part of this problem is that even if the quote is not registered, what's worse is that while playing a modded character you cannot even reveal the page properties by examinating things. The page will remain greyed out, that has to be a bug of course (which I reported)...
but hey, wish I could see mod characters too in the lines, anybody who use them would.



Non item images are not supported :

As it can currently be seen on the Ewecus entry who is missing an icon, missing icons will be replaced with cute cacti but that cannot be set properly with mods yet, due to the new function used to grab the Scrapbook entry atlas that so far doesn't find images from their registered one, directly assuming they can only be in the vanilla ones :


Unlike inventory icons who works just fine at the time :



That's about it, viewing and tweaking this I also noticed more categories will be added to the Scrapbook in the future, being "Things", Points of Interest, Biomes and Seasons... hopefully anything moving forward will take care of handling mods as best as possible because modders could definitively use this a form of information for users that they sometimes lack support to provide. :encouragement:

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An option to disable it would be good as well. I'm not a fan of the notifications and sounds it makes and don't really have a need for it.

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5 minutes ago, . . . said:

An option to disable it would be good as well. I'm not a fan of the notifications and sounds it makes and don't really have a need for it.

Yup totally. I'm only focused on encouraging making mods equal in it but I do reckon it needs improvements as of its content, format and definitely juicy configs. Which could be inside of the book if Klei is too hesitant in making more options in the game (feels like it sometimes), like a mute and mark as read button.

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58 minutes ago, . . . said:

An option to disable it would be good as well. I'm not a fan of the notifications and sounds it makes and don't really have a need for it.

This. The notifications need to be something you can turn off. If not officially, then that is the mod it needs.

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Custom "info cards" as I like to call them would be neat, like the "Craftable" section, but with any added info & images.

I'd also love to see some Mod Util functions to speed up the process/make it simpler to add or change scrapbook entries, filters, etc.

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