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More Acid Rain Counter Ideas

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Acid rain is the current big debacle in the DST community as of now so I came up with some ideas to counter it.

1. Fun Caps: The idea is to buff Fun Caps by giving them a 50% wetness resistance and immunity to acid rain damage. This is my favorite idea since it gives players a reason to fight toadstool and are easily crafted in caves. It would be nice to remove the increased spoilage of items since its just not fun as the name may imply.

2. Depth Worm Hat: Depth Worms can now drop a material to make a hat called the "Deep Depth Hat" that's similar in design to the Snakeskin Hat from shipwrecked. It would give 70% wetness resistance and immunity to acid rain damage with a durability timer of 6 days. The recipe would also give players more of a incentive to actually fight depth worm waves.

Crafting Recipe example: 2 depth worm skin, 3 broken shell, 2 slurper pelts and 1 tentacle spot (wanted all items to be available in caves)

BONUS: as a bonus idea you can put a glow berry on top of the hat to give a light radius and will go away when the glowberry rots (kinda like putting a light bulb on a end table).


Feel free to leave your own ideas,suggestions, or changes :)

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I think maybe making some acid-proof gel using phlegm and nightmare fuel and magic could be nice. You can use it on any equipment and it makes them immune to acid and if you use it on something like a container/backpack it makes the contents immune to the faster spoilage from the acid.

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