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Thought it might be worth throwing out the idea to host a Let's Play Catalog of sorts. Couldn't find a post that had it so I decided to make my own. I know I'm not the first, biggest or only LPer to think of this. So let's do this here. That way we don't spam other threads trying to advertise and people looking for LPs can get them in a simple search (Maybe even easier sometimes these things get sticky'd or remade into official posts. Things often go better with a sort of rules set so here you go:

Feel free to introduce yourself and your channel.

Tell the people what you're doing.

Embed your first video of Don't Starve here.

Then post a link to your playlist or channel.

So It would look like this:

I'm a fairly new LPer on a Duo channel, I've played almost every Klei Entertainment title on my channel so I decided to do some Don't Starve Videos.

Right now I'm just starting the series up so I wanted to introduce the game to the couple viewers I have already, I plan to do daily content (Weekdays) for Don't Starve with an update highlight every other Tuesday (or Wednesday depending on my schedule with Non-Youtube life.)

If this is stepping on toes or I've missed a thread like this let me know I'll pull it down, otherwise I look forward to seeing some more from other LPers and building something cool with all of you.

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love these videos - everyone that has done them has done a fantastic job. I wanted to stream this game but I saw a popular streamer on twitch streaming this today so it killed my motivation to do it as no one would view mine :-( thumbs up to your video
Well you can always try making one, you dont know how it will go before you try.

^^ That is 100% true. Stream it anyways. People who want to see the game will watch. Post here that you're doing it so the community can come and watch. Don't give up on it because it's being done.

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Hey everybody, I'm TheXpertPlayer, but you can call me Basom, that is the name I usually use ;)

I've been doing YouTube stuff for a while, Ive made videos on various games such as: Terraria, Minecraft, Dungeon Defenders, Skyrim, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, pokemon platinum and firered, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams and I also do some Team Fortress 2.

Now I found this game through yogscast (big surprise) and thought it looked amaizng, I loved the art style, the way the game is played and the creativity put into this game, so I decided to start a let's play. So now I'm here to spread the word of my new LP of

Don't Starve :D

Also I'm danish lol.

I've uploaded part 1 and 2 so far ;)

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Do for yourself and for the fun. Don't think about the views in the beginning. I want to try myself but in other language. It's hard to start, you know? So many things to think. And if you think the streamer started small maybe your motivation may return ;)

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I'm Grover, the let's Play and Game of the Week part of the PrinnyCast team. Every week I choose a game that I or my subscribers suggested. This week we're doing Binding of Isaac. You aren't here to hear about that game, dammit! You want to hear about Don't starve!

Don't Starve was a GOTW and I've now returned to it with out first Let's Play episode. I swear something about the graphics has been changed. It doesn't seem the same. I haven't read anything about the updates, so I'm jumping into the game completely blind from any changes that happened over three weeks.

I'm also doing a MineCraft LP atm and planning to do let's play of most of my gotw from the past. If you want to see more than Don't Starve, take a peek here: http://www.youtube.com/user/PCGOTW and also check out our weekly Podcast at http://www.youtube.com/user/PrinnyCast .

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Hey I am Potian Dragoon! I am an Ex-Glitch and decided to start recording and uploading games to show my fellow Glitchen that are looking for a new home / new game to play.

Then I found Don't Starve and played around with it a little and I love it! I decided that I could try to show people the game and make it enjoyable for myself to play and others to watch at the same time by issuing my self sets of "challenges" (which are explained here)

My first 3 videos for this series are with out voice but from #4 onwards they will have voice!

Here is my first video!

And this is link to my channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/PotianDragoon

I will also be doing video's of -

Under the Ocean

League of Legends

Hellgate Online

Everything and anything that is requested!

Thanks for allowing us to post this here!

Edited by Potian Dragoon
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