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Woodie re-rework in a Klei Style. PLEASE KLEI LOOK AT THIS

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My story:  Woodie was one of the first character to be reworked, and I really liked it, but now I'm even afraid to play Woodie. Woodie have the downside of transforming in to a wereform when full moon leaving him starving at the end, but with the moonstorm event all night are full moon leaving me dying from starvation all days, also Wickerbottom can make a book to turn a night into full moon night, making me starving all days since the first autumn. Full moon is so beneficial (no Charlie bite, a Glommer every night, the moon stone event, farming Werepigs, etc...) except for Woodie, making me afraid of playing Woodie in Public servers, even with friends they ask me to change character when the MoonStorm event starts because they know it's a hell for Woodie players. Not only that his wereforms are good at the start but get outclassed by equipment that you can craft later in the game, and even more with the new tools, equipment, types of damage ... that we are getting in recent updates. So I've been thinking a lot about how to change that, btw all numbers can be changed.

Re-Rework in a Klei style?: My goal is making Woodie better using as reference the others re-reworks Klei did (Wortox, Wolfgng, Wurt). These mean "Not change the theme of the character" and "Not adding new items" only by changing and adding mechanics to the character. So I'll show you what changes I think Woodie needs and some sugestions.

Woodie's new downside:  Log_Meter_Timelapse.gif.c74da7c0241a7341b5fe7561b2c3e995.gifInterface_arrow_right.png.e699325782154de71a63d1b8dc90498e.pngLunacy_Badge.gif.bce02d6011b9065740bf93327e843072.gif

One idea that comes to my mind was to make a Lunar Meter that will work as the old Log Meter, so Woodie can take actions to avoid transforming, but we already have one, the Lunacy meter or Enlightenment, so here's my idea:

  • When Woodie reaches full Lunacy, he will transform into a Wereform. During full moon, Woodie has Lunacy, and it grows as 4/min (Except in Caves)

With this, others character's actions are less impactful in Woodie, but still a downside that you have to take care if you want to go to lunar island, lunar grotto and the new rifts. Also, we already have tons of food or equipment that helps to reduce lunacy, so there is no need for a new amulet.


Lucy was part of Woodie's mechanics when transform in to Werebeaver, but now she looks like a mad axe that chop fast and only cares about Woodie when he eats monster meat. So I want to make her a support for Woodie. Kinda like Walter's hat.

  • Now Lucy also reduces by half all incoming lunacy when is holding. (Full Moon passive 4>2), (Gestalts attack 10>5) ...

Wereforms progression: Like I said before, all of Woodie's transformation lacks of progression, they are the same day 1 that day 1000, and they can only use backpack.

  • Now all Wereforms don't drop any chest equipment, and benefits of it.
  • (Maybe) Now the weremeter only drain fast when standing still.

If any of them drops the backpack, why should they drop another chest equipment? Also, we can make a small room of improvement for his wereforms, and give them more utility, like Weregoose + Lazy Forager, Weremoose + Magiluminiscence...

I also wanted to suggest as a (Maybe) the fast drain when standing still because some bosses move, and you have to go after them, and some boulder or trees are not next to each other making you moving to continue but at the same time the drain start to drain a lot more because you are not fighting or chopping.


Talking about weremoose is dangerous because everyone has his opinion of it, so I'll keep it simple.

  • Charge attack is faster and longer, he can use the action button again to stop it.
  • The more attacks it hits, the faster attacks are, until he reaches normal attack speed (Character attack speed), it resets when Weremoose runs out.
  • New recipe:recipe1.PNG.9c05b4664ace1982706936f08856c02b.PNG

I know, and I understand that moose should be slow, but his charge could be great to dodge some attacks instead of being a spider/frogs/bees smasher. People that knows how to cancel the animation with the weremoose can attack pretty fast, so I want that speed to us by other way. About the recipe, I have to say that weremoose is too cheap to do what a lot of people expect of him, so I use driftwood because it's easy to find but hard to farm, and because it's wood.


Werebeaver is kinda slow to do what is his main task compared to others characters, mainly because he can't take items while is a werebeaver.

  • By using the action button the werebeaver will swing his tail arround him taking items around his feet. (Is the only feature that need some graphic design)

Having to chop all trees and then collect all the wood later make him slow compared to characters using minions (Pig, merms, shadows), so this will help him a lot.


To be honest, weregoose is ok... kinda, so I'll show you some (maybe) changes.

  • Weregoose can honk to make a point in the map by using the action button, but can only be one point.
  • New recipe:813446461_recipe2.PNG.c87b9f5c437e2cb074eeb4d17d2ba77c.PNG

My only problem with weregoose is that it looks expensive compare to the other 2, needing normal seeds when we have a lot of different seeds. The honk is just to give him something to do with the action button.

Last words: I want to apologize for trying to call Klei with the tittle, but I wanted to show them what I think of Woodie and show them my ideas about it. Since they just finished all characters reworks, and they are focusing on late game stuff, looks like a Character adjustments will not be in future plans, and I'm afraid of another update that will hurt him indirectly. With all that said, tell me what do you think and thank you. :wilson_love:

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You could modify the stats and craft in a mod to test your gameplay changes. However, I reckon most of the ideas you mentioned are superfluous and unlikely to be implemented. The recipe for the Weremoose idol is immoderate, considering the inconsequential skills they provided. The Weremoose's inability to heal alone in combat means that a punny speed buff from Magi wouldn't be enough for most players. They still need to prepare armor and fight in Woodie's human form or team up with well-synergized characters like Wortox and Wigfrid.
Woodie is currently well-balanced in my opinion. His lack of downsides, average stats, and early game-focused perks make him one of the more accessible characters from the start. There are no significant resource sinks until he can fully access his abilities, so it is reasonable for Woodie to not become significantly stronger in the late game, considering this design approach. He only needs a way to prevent the Moon Storm curses so people who prefer not or can't change character using the Portal (Role-play players, public server players, etc ...) can enjoy playing as Woodie throughout the entire game.

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I think Lucy needs a little more personally. What? Idk. I will always hold the belief that Woodie is a Lumberjack first Cursed Lycanthrope second. Considering his title is "The Lumberjack". Same goes with Willow being a pyromaniac considering she is "the firestarter"

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Really the main issues with Woodie would be:

Wereforms  are prone to being stunlocked, can't heal, and are vulnerable to taking unarmored hits with next to nothing you can do to stop it against faster mobs with this last one being plain unfair for a survival game.

Weremoose in particular suffers the most in this regard since they expect you to use it in combat while also making you slower meaning your more likely to suffer both against hordes or bosses.

For the Werebeaver at this point I feel like he should just be able to pickup loot there's so many roundabout solutions to make it a better form we've all suggested but simplicity is king sometimes rather than jumping through hoops to fix it just making it able to pickup loot solves a lot.

Lastly the current Were meter drain system should combine all the aspects of all the other actions that reduce the drain to give the player more control over their time in the state what I mean is werebeaver, moose, and goose should slow the drain by moving, fighting, taking damage, and breaking objects/structures.


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Woodie ideas 

+ Were-amulet - prevents full moon transformation (crafted & learned at ancient station) (1 orange gem, 2 moon rocks, 2 nightmare fuel)

+ Were-platymoose - fusion of all the best parts of the 3 were forms (crafted & learned at lunar station) (1 monster lasagne,  2 figs)

+ Were-form can eat were idols/lasagne to extend the transformation (it gives 40 were-hunger + 10 sanity + 30 hp each)

+ Were-beaver can spin it's tail to up root + force items to stack together + pull items to him (so Woodie doesn't have to pick up 400 logs, just 20 stack logs)

the spin has 3 tile range

+ Were-moose can cancel dash and normal attacking speed


Lucy's tree guard paint - half a day changes green and has a 4x tree guard spawn (4 dark petals, 2 honey, 2 spider glands)


I also think there should be a yellow staff in sunken treasure, green staff in pirate monkey treasure, and there should be a "forgotten knowledge island" for only the tracker (for people treasure hunting, can't load caves, 2nd way to lunar boss, encourage players to go for moon quay island, slight Woodie buff)

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Sigh, woodie woodie woodie, where do i even begin? Why cant they just spare you the pain you have endured? Why did they rework wurt and wormwood so casually in other updates, but refuse to give you any buffs? I just Feel.... cheated. In an way, you were there the first time i beat deerclops, and you were there when i learned how to play, so to put you away after realizing how underpowered you are compared to others is truly sad. 

Fairwell, my friend. Tho i will never forget our good times together. 

One day we will be united once more. 

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