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Oxygen Not Included 2 big brain suggestion

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We all know that we can't stop playing ONI so how to make ONI2 glorious?

GPU computed physics simulation! Why have great game that doesn't even tickle your GPU? We all know that physics asks to be run on GPU and we know that this game has nothing but physics and physics and physics.

Pathfinding can be done in GPU too as UEBS2 proves it can be done.

So can we expect epicness or ONI is the last ONI we'll ever see? Please don't spoil you're working on ONI2 if you're not like nearly done, I hate announcement of games 10 years before early early pre pre pre alpha test hour weekend day tech demo.

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i concur. I know it has limitations by what others have described. I plead all the time for this. It's so conspicuous, and a low hanging fruit. At least begin developing 2. If you simply recreated the game you have now, w/o changing things 'drastically'. Find the best framework to utilize and keep as much as possible the exact same. Which I know is a bit antithetical. It will be drastically different, as a given. Ideally you just want to transfer the concepts to better platforms, if you don't have to create new content, or material to flesh it out, it could take 1/2 the time or less, and maybe not be as costly as learning to do it the first time. Isn't that what you want? Create the same game, allow the player more control to tailor it, and people will tune it to liking's. Why is that so bad?

You have the great majority of the work done, just putting the functions into the best models possible would be the pursuit, and in doing that you will be better able to create #3, or and even better version of Dig Dug(Google it).

On 5/24/2023 at 10:07 PM, Nova Starlight said:

to make it even more glorious, add ideal gas law and enthalpy

been awhile, I needed to look those up.

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