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Colleting Screen Shots

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I don't have the game, but this looks terribly interesting. I was curious if anyone would be willing to help me collect screen shots of various things, like graves, mandrakes, and such like that. I'm also curious on any lore ideas anyone has.

I really want to try drawing some of this stuff, but I can't find examples of most items in a google image search, or looking trough the screen shots on the main site. I'm particularly curious about the mandrakes....

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Welcome!:) You might try this thread though I don't think it has a picture of a mandrake. There are also some let's plays on YouTube which might have some mandrake pictures.

Why thank you, Fu! I appreciate the referall.

Now towards River Ravin, I'd be more than happy to help with the screenshot collection during my Log screenshot sessions. If you send me a list of what you'd like to have snapshots of, I'll keep on the lookout for them during those times. I can't promise anything too quickly, but I can try!

Photographer For Hire,

- Zero

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Gah! Then I must scour the threads for more information! Heh.

And thank you for the offer. I'm mostly looking for tall bird stuff, and Mandrakes, as I haven't really seen much of them. Really anything interesting. The graves also seem intriguing though, so them as well, if you can. I wasn't sure if you wanted me to pm you though.... But thank you regardless.

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I've got some grave images in my thread, and I've encountered a tall bird at one point, but I didn't save an image. I'll try and get that done sometime in the near future. Go ahead and PM me with a cohesive list if you want, I don't mind. I don't get very many messages.



- Zero

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