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My game stops me from launching the server, that's what it shows when i try to do so, before that server crashed because when i tried to went to the caves "i had bad password" while server has literally no password on it, turning off mods doesn't help either, what can i do?????


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Here few tricks might help pal.

  • Start game as administrator, you can find exe from steamapps folder.
  • Disable mods, some mods might cause error.
  • Check and verify your game files by steam, you might corrupted something.
  • Change firewall settings, here is how
    1. Go to "Windows Defender Firewall. (You can search from start) and click yellow highlighted place on down bellow.
    2. Find DST and by pressing "Change settings", tick all thre DST boxes both private and public.
  • If it still don't work, check where steam installed. If steam installed in system files, it might cause problems. Desktop, Program Files, Program Files (x86), those all are system files. You could install directly on your disk or a user file created by you in your disk (Like c/games).
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