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Share your impressions of the beta

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It seems that the beta will come to an end very soon, and although I still hope for some changes, they are unlikely to be big.
So I would like to ask a question: How do you feel about beta? Do you like the additions, do you think that something should change?

I want to share my impressions.
Firstly, I am delighted with the design of this update. I really like the art of new creatures and objects. It feels like a lot of work has been done, and these helmet and armor animations.. they're just beautiful.
The added items left me with controversial feelings. On the one hand, there are bombs and a pickaxe hammer, really interesting and useful items. On another.. everything else. The armor plays a rather decorative role, the bonus from wearing a full set is negligible (even the crown of enlightenment will give more damage), the sword is in fact another slightly improved copy of the shadow sword, the shovel is just a joke. The staff is also extremely controversial. Where is the sense of progress? Where is the reward for going to the next level?
And do not forget that all this is a reward for disease 2.0, which will constantly terrorize your base.
I want to be wrong, maybe in the future everything will form into a bigger picture, but so far I don't see how this update can give late-game content that can keep players. I just feel that the players will kill the CC, craft a new gear, and then stop entering the game. Only mega base builders will continue to play, but for them this update is like a headache.
It seems to me that so many interesting directions can be explored to make the game interesting for both new and more experienced players. There is a huge amount in the game obsolete biomes (savanna, rocky biome etc) which carry almost no function other than basic resources in the first 5 days and require rework to the modern Klei standards. Imagine if you are a returning player and see how much the biomes around you have changed, filled with life. Wouldn't that attract you?
Or an achievement system that could give goals to all players. Or expert mode... There are so many possibilities!

Anyway, this is my opinion, I'd like to hear what you think :)

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yeah... I don't really like it... the planar damage mechanic nullifies characters' abilities and the portal is annoying for megabasers and the new gear sucks in comparison to where you are in the game...  

5 minutes ago, CyberSkink said:

yeah... I don't really like it... the planar damage mechanic nullifies characters' abilities and the portal is annoying for megabasers and the new gear sucks in comparison to where you are in the game...  

that being said, the art is phenomenal as always

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I've been loving the introduction of the new tools (smasher, shoevel, staff and bombs.) They've changed my gameplay a ton and for me, they already make up a complete update. I do hope they drastically improve the set bonus of the armor - I love the direction they took it in in this latest update, I just think they should push it further.

The Brightshades, I don't really mind. If anything, I appreciate the Husk delivery - they're easy to take care of with the Brightshade armor & sword, and the husks make them worth the while. I haven't found them to be too intrusive in my gameplay (and I'm on day 918 so far) - they've got a decent amount of time between each wave, and time it takes for the rift to reform in a new spot is pretty long which gives me ample time to continue building up my bases.

Besides its obvious use as the ultimate ruins clearing tool, the Smasher finally gives us the upgrade to the stone hammer we needed - it's durable to smash tons of crops with, and carrying one around has been helpful for all the random things that require a pickaxe or a hammer that I often forget about - incorrect fossil arrangements, bee queen, shadow chess pieces, the Celestial Champion's remains... It's also very cheap to craft.
The Shoevel wasn't nearly as much of a needed addition as was the Smasher, but I've grown to appreciate it as well - to be able to both dig up weeds and till soil when needed is convenient, and it's got crazy durability for a tool that only costs 2 husks and a brilliance. I was personally hoping for an Axe & Shovel combination to be able to get rid of unwanted trees conveniently, but I don't mind this either.
The bombs have been great - after years we finally have an affordable explosive. I've been using them here and there to blow up clusters of giant crops, smash open stone fruit as well as kill large groups of Powder Monkeys that I spawned using Moongleams on the Moon Quay Island's portal.
I think the staff is sort of niche, but its niches were well needed - For both the Fuelweaver and the Moonstorm, we finally have a multi-target attack that doesn't rely on down feathers. I've been using it to kill the birds from the Moonstorm and to deal with the woven shadows & unseen hands of the Ancient Fuelweaver and it's been amazing at both, even without the extra 2 targets from its set bonus. I definitely wouldn't call it a weapon the same way I'd call the spear a weapon, but it's a great combat tool for the current state of the game. The Moonstorm has been especially grindy with my demand for Enlightened Crown Shards, so the latest additions to make it easier (mainly Dreadstone Armor to keep sanity down, Brightshade Armor to gain passivity to Gestalts and the Staff to deal with birds) have been very much appreciated.

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The summary is that you are getting punished for killing CC, the rewards you get from rifts are underwhelming while the brightshades are an annoyance that you can't control. This wouldn't even be that much of a problem if CC questline wasn't already quite unrewarding in itself and crown can reasonably be used in 2 seasons.

Planar damage/defense is going to have a negative effect on many characters that have their preferred weapons and it is quite confusing.

New tools are not worth crafting, all you get is to save some inventory slots and after CC you aren't going to carry or collect as many things so you have enough free inventory space anyway and higher durability isn't important, gold is abundant so why bother?

There were some good suggestions to make rifts not an overall punishment for players by giving different abilities to tools like shovel being able to dig cactus, light bulbs, reeds or hoe that in one use digs 9 holes (3x3).

We don't need more tools that combine 2-3 into one or have higher durability, we need tools that have different abilities and are more powerful as this is supposed to be post CC content.

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I mostly don't mind it.

The new planar damage is a great way to introduce new, tougher enemies and make the game progress in a way, without inflating healths, damages and defences which would make pre-From Beyond mobs irrelevant

The smasher is a nice tool to introduce. The shoevel is mostly pointeless, I'd much more prefer Hornete's suggestion of it being able to dig up undiggable plants.

It's good that the devs have introduced punching bags and new indications of planar stuff

The art of the new content is great. So far I've yet to find a lackluster spot, as opposed to, for example, nurse spider's back sprite.

My only complaint is that the rifts uproot/destroy stuff instead of moontating it. Such a... bad development decision. This one aspect alone is enough for me to not play on my old words and not to fight CC in new ones. Nevermind them destroying unrecoverable things such as boulders outside of the mosaic or elements of setpieces. Even resources that the game regrows are annoying, I don't want to walk though a biome with a bunch of dug up plants lying around, even if regrowth has already replaced them.

And I understand that there's no way Klei will add moontations right now, it would require some design process, coding, drawing. Because I'm talking about proper moontations here, Klei. Not just reusing the existing plants. I think you should really expand on the concept of moon mutating/changing stuff.

But, for the time being, untill QoL/new content update makes rifts moontate stuff, I think that you should simply make them not uproot things. Simple as that, just make them expand without affecting stuff around it.

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