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Any way to prevent skinny paths and overlapping biomes?

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The issue I'm referring to is the same one from this post. A lot of my worlds generate with biomes "smushed" together, with a bunch of little pieces connected by skinny chunks of land. This poses a big issue for base-building, because large biomes are scattered apart like this and there's no space to build anything super big. It appears to happen much more frequently with higher "land branching" values, and it doesn't really happen at all with branching set to none.

Does anyone here know which worldgen file is responsible for things like this? I'd really like to see this issue resolved, if possible.

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You can try to use Do Your Map mod and adjust the settings a little bit, it may help you to solve your issue.

I also have that, but I simply regen the world until I get a suitable one

P.S.: The rivers and small lakes can be closed with docks, but you can't plant any turf on them.

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