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Inspiration Change?

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I'm sure I'm not the only one that noticed it but Wilson was given the ability to gain Inspiration as a part of his refresh when another Character already has this as their "Thing", Wigfrid I mean, with her rework already took the namesake of "Inspiration" as her gimmick accumulating it as she fights. 
Wondering, but is there anyway one or the other (Wilson's preferably) can be changed/altered?
Just a bit odd since both characters now use the name in their skillset, despite it being used differently the word (Inspiration) is still the same.
Maybe it can be changed to a mix of some other words or something to reference the research/science points of olden days?

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2 hours ago, dzzydzzy said:

Just spitballing but something along the lines of "Eureka!", "Epiphany", "Breakthrough"  "Epiphany points"  "Discovery" "Advancements" all go along the scientific theme.

Something science themed would be ideal. Maybe the notification sound could have "Eureka!" accompany it, "Epiphany" replacing "Inspiration" sounds pretty alright.

1 hour ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:

eureka and epiphany points sounds really cool

Gotta agree, these sound right up his ally. Upon first seeing the premise for the refresh I figured they'd go a mix route of two words given the type of "Science" he practices instead of a basic one like "Inspiration", or something like the pun/play on words route that they tend to do with some items or mobs.

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