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The Year of the Bunnyman Has Arrived!

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I know it's been a couple of weeks, and that it feels like some people might be getting a bit impatient, on my behalf i feel like that's partly my fault due to me hyping people up on the discords and whatnot saying there's a "big chance of roadmap today". So i want to say i'm sorry first of all.

But i also want to note that the choice of words regarding this last part of the post has made me a little confused. Cause at first flance it felt it went against what you've been been talking about for the past posts and past roadmap as well that the 2022 roadmap would stretch a little into 2023, cause of the focal point being about the 2023 roadmap itself rather than the supposedly upcoming Wilson refresh or just the next update in general. But i'm assuming that was made intentionally with the thought of the klei point link titled as 'so close' which should've worked as a nod. I know around my social bubble that they have also been a little confused regarding this post but idk if its a small minority. But this is essentially why we were waiting on a roadmap post rather than something else ^^;

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