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Conductive panel - useless or not?

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Try to use CP in my reactor setup and find that they not able to cool ST - for battery ok but for Steam Turbine they absolutely useless.....

Looks like something wrong with internal math - they have 99C temp in situation when full flow of water at 30 C passing....

So they too fast exchange temp with building and too slow with coolant.

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May I direct your attention to this thread as well? It appears the panel is not yet a well polished building.

Additionally, it has been found that liquids don't exchange heat as long as actually needed in the conduction panel. So it's recommended to place a valve somewhere after it and restrict the flow of liquid to force a longer stay inside the panel and get better thermal transfer into the coolant.

Furthermore, the material of choice really does affect the panel itself. So far as to say that at least aluminum will be the most effective within regular materials. In the case of "Spaced Out! (aka DLC)" I could recommend to at least use cobalt for (perhaps marginally) better results.



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Thanks for help.

But anyway for now i think that CP work wrong - yes its possible to constant stops flow of water to fix heat exchange but it look very strange, for for NR / ST i just revert to regular metal pipes :-(

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