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WX-78 Hot Take Suggestion

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WX-78 Hot Take Suggestion 


( Take everything here with a huge grain of salt. All the issues mentioned are just issues I personally saw was wrong with WX-78, and the solution that’ll be proposed after is merely an idea brainstormed out of curiosity. I just wanted to share the idea I had on here. Feedback and criticism would be greatly appreciated :) )



Getting this out of the way now, I am in no way suggesting to bring back pre-rework WX. As much as I miss the crazy unbalanced stats, I’m fully aware and agree that the circuit system was the best (and arguably more interesting) choice for WX’s mechanic and progression. 


However. There’s *one thing that I cannot accept or enjoy about WX’s overhaul. It’s not the introduction of the circuit board, not the absence of gear upgrades, or even the removal of system overload; it’s that tiny, annoying, flying little robot, Jimmy.


Don’t get me wrong. After seeing the cinematic and playing around with the scanning, I adore the idea of WX going around and chasing off all kinds of things for study to ultimately steal their abilities for their own. Completely in character for the maniacal little robot, and the avid scientist they used to be.


The only problem? The bio-scanalyzer. Not the scanning mechanic itself, but the scanner. Let me elaborate.


Issue one: WX-78 has always worked alone.

If you’ve ever examined any other survivor as the WX, (except for other WXs) you’ll notice one, beamingly obvious thing about each and every examination line; they’re all filled with contempt and disdain. Put simply and to get to the point, WX-78 hates absolutely everything about the other survivors. Not just because they’re human, but simply because they do not appreciate help from or helping others. If anything, WX-78 views each and every single one of them as a tool, a minion, a disposable, usable meat sack.

All this in mind, you’d expect WX-78 to work exclusively alone, away from all the other survivors, and you’d be right. Even outside of personality and examination quotes, it shows in gameplay, each WX you see busying themselves chasing after moleworms and hunting clockworks, as opposed to helping the team with other, more pressing matters, purely because they can’t (or worst, simply don’t want to) bring anything to the table.

This selfish type of playstyle is what makes WX-78, well, WX-78, independent, efficient and capable. What does the presence of Jimmy do? Completely overrides those three things. Even if Jimmy is a robot, obviously going to receive bias from WX, it still ruins and contradicts the whole “work alone and away from others, let them starve while you thrive” persona WX embodies. It just doesn’t make sense that WX-78 would need, or frankly want help, even if that help is from a drone like themself. And this is only lore/story wise, getting into gameplay, this brings us to the next issue with Jimmy.

Issue two: Scanning with Jimmy isn’t immersive, interactive, and honestly, not interesting. 


(Another disclaimer: I’m not suggesting the removal or revamp of the scanning system, I’ll revisit this once all the issues are addressed and through.) 

The new circuit mechanic for WX is great; there’s something so satisfying about honing the combined traits of creatures you’ve seen around your world, wielding enhanced versions of those traits to push through survival. 

The scanning mechanic however is not so great. It’s not the work you have to put into finding and researching the organics to get recipe, it’s how the whole thing is executed. After finding the mob that you’ll scan you just… sit there. Let Jimmy do his thing. Wow. Exciting. That, or you have to either chase/circle around the thing for like 10-30 seconds. Exhilarating gameplay.

The idea of scanning mobs for their traits is seriously genius and sounds fun on paper, it’s only how it was executed (and how the gimmick was given to a completely separate entity) that’s really annoying and very boring. It’s not the best thing in the world to just sit there while the scanner does the job, nor is it very fun to not have the scanner keep up with you when clearly you can to the mob you’re after. The scanning idea will be revisited, but in the mean, it’s time to bring up the third, arguably most notable issue.


Issue three: WX-78 shouldn’t be oriented around a follower.


This goes back to issue one, though it delves into the gameplay side of the same problem; WX-78 shouldn’t be a character with a follower.

Disclaiming things again, I don’t know very much about what a good follower character looks like. What I do know however, is that WX should not be one. Each survivor that has a follower has their entire gimmick based around that follower, if not a huge margin of it. In conjunction with this, each follower character has a an explanation as to why they have that follower, why that follower follows them.

Wendy? Spooky twin sister that stands up for you in combat.

Wurth and Webber? An army of their respective species to fend for the honor of their race.

Walter? Helpless stray turned longtime companion as company alongside your adventures.

WX-78? A drone that scans organics so you can have fun with circuits… but not with the drone. See where things fall flat?

Essentially, Jimmy as a whole is just completely out of pocket for WX, as it not only fails to define what WX does as a character, but just isn’t what WX’s play style should be based around; WX’s potential and whole gimmick doesn’t all revolve around endless upon endless amounts of scanning, their potential lies in their ability to mold and modify themselves at will, becoming a terrifying force to be reckoned with when in the right hands. Jimmy covers none of this, and instead shows players that WX absolutely needs the Scanalyzer to survive, which is in turn untrue, since come late game, when all the scans have been done, Jimmy becomes an irrelevance.

On top of that, there just simply no explanation as to how or why WX has the drone in the first place; it wasn’t even revealed or remotely reference in cinematic. There’s no definitive answer to how and why Jimmy was created, and you’re left to make your own conclusions about the Jimmy, leaving things unfinished in terms of explanation, and unfitting in terms of gameplay. 

This poor display of a follower combined with the unexplained introduction just leads the drone thing to feel so disjointed from the rest of WX, lacking any use or point aside from the scans. 

Now, with all the issues out of the way, I propose the idea that addresses and fixes all three of these problems.


Solution and suggestion: Remove of the bio-scanalyzer and give the scanning ability to WX.


What if WX-78 didn’t have Jimmy, and instead incorporated the scanning capability into themself? Enter the Scan Chip, an installation that not only replaces Jimmy, but is completely separate from the charging board. (See example image below.)





Instead of spawning in with the scanalyzer in their starting inventory, a scan chip will take the place instead. Installing it will enable WX-78 to scan organics all on their own. Clicking on the scan chip will allow for WX to enter “Scan Mode” (more on that later.)

With the scan chip installed, organisms with useful traits will be marked with a reticle, (similar to Wagstaff’s spectoggles) notifying the player of an available scan (no more annoying beeping!)

Having the Scan Chip installed won’t affect WX in any way, but can still be removed if the player wishes to remove it via the circuit extractor. Unfortunately, since the circuit extractor isn’t tailored to handle fragile, brittle hardware, the scan chip will be knocked down to 50%  durability as opposed to the usual 25%. If plugged in and removed another time, the scan chip will break, leaving WX-78 scan-less. 

Finally, before the actual scanning mechanic is covered, the scan chip can scan up to 15 times before breaking via overheating and ultimately frying itself. The fried chip can be hammered at a 50% chance to return the doodad, with a 25% to return the bio data. (Not a game changing mechanic, more as either a desperate attempt to retrieve the bio data or simply for people too lazy to create another doodad.)


Improved scanning, Scan Mode, and Scan Vision.


With the absence of the Bio-Scanalyzer, the scanning would now be completely in the players control, making scanning not only more interactive, but more fun and engaging. 

Clicking on the installed Scan Chip will have WX enter the new “Scan Mode.” In Scan Mode, WX’s eyes will begin to flash brightly, similar to the Bio-scanalyzer detecting a nearby scan, without the continuous beeping. Entering scan mode does not immediately initiate scanning, however. You will still be able to function normally as if scan mode were off, the only difference being that the screen would be embellished will several robot-y codes, signals, reticle sand etc, just to make scanning feel cool (Examples below.)



Right clicking during Scan Mode will be what activates “Scan Vision,” the improved scanning; WX-78 will no longer be able to move, attack, pick up items and so on during this time while scanning, rendering them stationary, even a little vulnerable to attacks.

However, once Scan Vision is entered, the mouse will now be surrounded by a radius similar to the Scanalyzer, only slightly smaller. This radius will be where the organic will have to be in order for scanning to begin. Holding down left click will have WX continuously scan that radius, and moving that radius around will around will in turn have WX follow that radius. You’ll have to hold down the mouse manually in order for the scan zone’s scanning to count (See example for elaboration.)






From there, it’s just a matter of dragging and tracking the subject with the radius. As long as they’re on the screen, WX will be able to scan and study them. With the absence of the Scanalyzer, creatures will not run away as often, so as long as you keep your distance. Unfortunately, the mass amount of electricity used during scan vision will have WX emit a noise similar to that of System Overload’s, only to a lessened degree. This noise will scare off smaller mobs, while alert and possibly aggro bigger ones onto you. 

Don’t worry if the scanned target either runs away or begins to draw onto WX; Scan Vision can be canceled simply moving. There will abe a granted 5-7 second window for WX to get back into scanning position, just like the Bio-scanalyzer. In the event that WX is hit during scanning, scan mode will immediately shut off, allowing for you to defend yourself or gain distance again safely.

Once the scan is complete, Scan Vision will automatically disable itself, and WX will produce the respective amount of biodata and blueprint for the circuit learned. The bio data will be dispensed via WX’s mouth along with the blueprint, similar to that of a grocery store receipt (see example for visual.)


To disable Scan Mode, simply click back on the chip, and the mode will cease. 



Cosmetic ideas


During Scan Vision while there’s a subject within the radius, WX-78 will periodically say a random voice line out of the pool of voice lines. Examples include:




“SCANNING… 67%… 99%…”


During Scan vision while there is not an organic within the radius, WX will instead say something like:





The scanning noise will also still be a feature during scans. 

During Scan Vision, WX will cup his hands around his eyes when scanning further away targets.

If Scan Mode is activated during a wetness level of fifteen or more, the robot-y HUD when activated will appear to glitch, and look broken. This does not affect gameplay, however. 

Note that the model for the chip (and frankly all the models at all) are rough sketches. I lack the artistic ability for intricate, accurate depictions, and only aim to get the main point across, even if it ends up with WX looking like a potato.


Closing Thoughts


The scanning system is great, let me make that clear. The execution and how it works is whats currently annoying, as the introduction the Scanalyzer itself is already very slow and boring once you get the mechanics down. I thought of this idea of giving WX the scan capability for this very reason, as manually scanning something sounds a lot more fun than standing or chasing around an organic. Jimmy’s existence never really was explained either, so it felt unnatural having the drone become a part of WX’s character, specially since there are already a good handful of follower characters in the game. Wrapping things up though, having Jimmy isn’t necessarily the worst thing in the world, but I would still aim for a change in how scanning works, even if it’s not this exact, probably insane idea here.



WX-78 should have stayed as a stand-alone survivor absent of a follower. Removing Jimmy and moving the scanning ability to WX-78 alone would provide a fresher, more interactive system, while also keeping true to the selfish robot’s nature.

*I was also lying when I said just one thing. A small part of me still wants an extra charge slot or two. :)

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You do know that you can create multiple Jimmys to scan things faster/obtain more biodata right? 
Personally I would’ve made it so WX78’s own head opens up on top Inspector Gadget style or it raises its head straight upwards and opens its mouth to “spit out” the Drones.

Wouldve made Jimmy feel like it was just another part of WX78- Think Cyborg from the Justice League/Teen Titans cartoons.


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5 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

You do know that you can create multiple Jimmys to scan things faster/obtain more biodata right? 

I did not know this actually, never tried crafting Jimmys in bulk. Good to know.


Even with multiple Jimmy’s though, I doubt the process of scanning changes very much, aside from time saved and an increase in data production. Would still be a very linear and boring process, even if it’s faster. I could be wrong, I haven’t actually tried scanning with multiple scanners. 

2 hours ago, Dextops said:

I need a tldr for the tldr tbh

TL;DR for the TL:DR;

Robot no need other tiny robot cuz tiny robot is boring and weird. Give tiny robot thing to Robot and things will be good.

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As a WX main (actually WX exclusive) WX strongest point has always been getting full benefits from consumables of any spoilage level. The new speed mods/heating mod are nice, but being able to eat rotten anything and receive the same benefits as if it was fresh is the one tool in both pre rework/post rework WX toolbox that cannot be replicated with an item, and by far the most powerful perk. All other perks are just fluff imho.

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