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[Game Update] - 532704


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  • Developer


  • Updated Maxwell’s character video link.
  • Added missing Eclectic Glowcap crafting icon.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug where a skinned Magician’s Top Hat becomes invisible when used, if you don’t own that skin.
  • Fixed missing Store action when using controllers to move items into Magician’s Top Hat.
  • Fixed Maxwell’s Wizard skin having beard issues when on Charlie’s Stage.
  • Fixed Striking Gloves having Maxwell’s Unshadowed head as an icon.
  • Fixed missing shadow for Head Chef’s hat when it is on the ground.
  • Fixed missing shadow for Crystalline Furnace when it is placed.
  • Removed a stray hair in Walter’s Survivor skin.
  • Fixed a crash related to player ghosts being hit.
  • Fixed a crash related to masts being unfurled.
  • Fixed a crash related to the Lightning Conductor.
  • Fixed a crash related to the Clean Sweeper.

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In the latest update, neutral shadows are not attacked by default click and instead require force-attack



I also want to say I really like how the thurible now has a use other the niche uses it had before. It's a legitimately good "weapon" now for maxwell


Would you consider making the bone helm rechargeable by fuel or fossils, maybe only if you're maxwell? Right now people have to use a football helm instead to avoid getting one shotted in the case you get double tapped with bone armor. Bone helm would make sense there for maxwell for shadow damage but its unrepairable. It's also the only fuelweaver drop that isn't rechargeable by fuel.


edit: well we have the thucelite crown but that doesn't have a cool matching matching purple Terraria skin like the bone helm + bone armor does.

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