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How did hydrogen escape my seemingly-airtight deep freezers?

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I have three seemingly airtight deep freezers, two for ingredients and one for edible food. All three were filled with pure hydrogen, and chilled to between -40 and -64 via the hydrogen coolant pipe behind them.



Yet now, somehow, the leftmost and rightmost freezers have a vacuum inside them, and the middle freezer has two tiles of oxygen.


For the life of me, I cannot work out how this happened. I haven't done any renovations in this area since I micromanaged the hydrogen into them. Ethanol freezes at -114, so it's not like the ethanol seal was broken. There are no liquid pipes anywhere near the freezers. If one of the food items had rotted and off-gassed, I'd expect polluted oxygen, not oxygen.

I'm at a loss. If this was some weird once-off that'd be one thing, I'd just have to reconstruct them to add the hydrogen again. But it's happened to three seperate freezers. Whatever this is, it's consistent. So it'll probably happen again unless I work out what's happening and fix it.

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how much pressure was the hydrogen originally had, and how much ethanol you have in your ethanol lock? There is a small chance a blob of CO2 contact with ethanol and turn into liquid, then teleport inside the cell, delete hydrogen, and then turn into solid CO2.

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1 hour ago, Soulwind said:

Not sure about the leak, but why have it so cold?  You only need -18c.  Give it -24c or so to have a little wiggle room.  Going down so low just invites possible problems and probably is wasting energy for unneeded chilling.

I did have it below -20, but I kept getting food rotting notifications and usually when I'd check the storage I'd find the refrigerated buff. I think the materials I had when I built it weren't conductive enough for it.

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