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Should the game get some sort of milestones? Explorer's notes?

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Either some randomized achievements for each player to achieve or something that would make players to be interested to explore and see that there's something deeper below or some bosses/creatures to meet, beat and achieve.

It shouldn't act as a tutorial, but more of a push towards a right direction. Kinda like collecting stickers and or capturing your exploration findings. Like something like Wilson's or other character quotes and notes after you stumble upon a location or some thing happens either by your or game's causes.

It could become a useful way to keep track of progress and providing small hints and theories that characters could provide in those notes, despite not having actual achievements.

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DST does have achievements though- at least on Xbox, and those achievements are what helped me learn there’s a huge variety of things you can do in the game. Those achievements can be found here:


teaches the player they can build a science, alchemy, Prestihatitator, shadow manipulator.

Teaches them they can “strike a deal” with a porky monarch (Aka trading with PK)

Tells them they can make a Sewing Kit (which also teaches them they can repair items)

Teaches them they can have at least 6 Pigmen followers simultaneously at the same time, and 4 Rock Lobsters from caves.

Teaches them how to calm angry tree giants.

Teaches that there’s but a Shell and body armor from Slurtles.

And that telltale hearts can revive dead players.

They aren’t step by step guides- but they do help people willing to seek out the achievements learn some knowledge of the game.

I would’ve never attempted to grow my own flowers if there literally wasn’t an achievement that told me I could.

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I mean I don't know a thing about consoles, but something like how you used to get achievements from Forge/Gorge could also be fine. Since chill mode was added I think giving some sorts of motivators to want to explore could become a good way to show off your efforts. 

People like shiny stickers. So do I, sometimes.

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There could be many ways to break this ignorance. I'm not sure. I always be impressed about what we have to do in order to get some fight, like how to find the fuelweaver with no spoilers. Fighting the good version of the crabking could be a pain too. Then getting the celestial fight...

A friend just started DST. He played a couple of hours 4 or 5 years ago, so he asked me what was the changes.... I didn't know where to start. 

He's still "afraid" about exploring the cave. He like survival more than the fights That's why he pick Wurt in order to get an army. I told him there is more interesting fights than the Bearger. But he's impressed I think, by all the things we can do. I show him my 2400 days world, and he was more impressed. "This game is a f**king job!".

So if I could choose, I would put more NPCs. For few dialogues, some possible quests, like for Pearl. We could for exemple have some NPC near the 3 statues... it could be a good start to force the player to get the 3 pieces. Because when he saw how fast he walked, and that he had to cross all the map, he didn't do it. And he asked:

-why should I do that ?

-for a long journey my friend, a long journey. I answered.

So, how he will think to comeback on full moon then ? This NPC could give some clues. And it would be better than simple achievements, or simple note's/quest journal.

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5 hours ago, Pelontriques said:

iirc the entire reason why there weren't any semblance of achievements in DSALONE was because of players specifically doing those tasks and then not knowing what to do.

DST has changed a lot since DSA, though.
Sure, the core gameplay may be relatively similar, but you have to remember that not only has the game's design philosophy changed over the years. DST is not DSA, and vice versa.
Anyways, I digress.

I would LOVE something akin to this in the game, perhaps as another page in the compendium. Sketches and field notes on defeated bosses and the like would be lovely, and a great way to show newer players how much there really is to do in the game. Something like this could be included in the Wilson rework, to signify his advancement from constant death to conquering his prison, perhaps?

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If i were to add some type of achievement I'd make a question mark on the compendium for each boss in the game and give no other info as so the player still has to figure it out themselves and don't just streamline these achievements without making the achievements impossible to know. Completing all of these would give you uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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