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Idle animations

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It's come to my attention that Maxwell has gotten his 3rd idle, and while not the first time, it did get me thinking about a certain two other characters...

That being Woodie and Willow.

Something that's always bummed me out is that their idle animations are item locked. They'll NEVER play unless you're holding a specific item. 
This not only limits when you can actually view their idle animations, but it's also unfortunate in Willows case since it costs durability to hold hers which is a shame if you're trying to keep it pristine. 

I'm curious if they could either A: Get a secondary or replacement idle that works at all times like other characters. Or B: Have their idles play when their items are in their inventory. It'd be beneficial since it wouldn't cost durability, nor require you to hold something else, and it'd go to assist the characters personalities, since idles do touch up on those!

Okay that's all I had thank you for reading lol

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