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Spaced Out! Soundtrack

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I know I asked about this before, but search isn't turning it up...

Spaced Out! adds some new tunes that aren't in the Oxygen Not Included Soundtrack release, and I'm quite interested in having official release versions of them. Is this something that was ever in the works? Could I convince the powers that be to put them in the works? I have money.

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you need to ask . If he still has that position. Has always been very gracious and generous in the past. I deeply love (song),  and he sent me a copy for me to play, ONI_Prophet6_for_iamsamoth.mp3. This was before the OST had been posted and the lofi chill streamcast service they made. And I have not visited the room in a long, long time. I mean to return after typing this. hell, I'll open a tab now...




1.34 MB

Uploaded Audio


HA, went looking in my old attachments to see if I had uploaded the song file I had. Got to the end and the first upload is of my favorite ONI seed, that is long gone now.


Luxury Cosmos was a gem. I gush over the game as much as I use the switch. But, no luck on having that song file here. I'd have to forward it to this rig from where ever it is.

A great trance-y tick-tock kind of thinking tune, very focused. A sign of a great game is when you think about it outside of playing it. I'd play that song playing other games.

And I was looking for the guys name who does the music programming here... I forget it's been so long.


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