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Shadow gear and servants

Should Nightmare Fuel themed items buff servants in addition to duelists?  

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  1. 1. Should servants get bonus work efficiency based on the amount of shadow gear equipped?

    • Yes
    • No

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It feels odd to me that only duelists draw power from shadow equipment. I would like to hear your thoughts on if servants should get a minor buff to work efficiency while shadow gear is equipped, or if that would be overkill due to his already efficient gathering speed?

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48 minutes ago, Arcwell said:

I'm not opposed to giving servants a buffing-mechanism, but it seems unfitting with the current system.

Like, equipping a dark sword so that your servants harvest faster? Thurible would make sense but not much else.

Shadow shovels and axes when?

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1 hour ago, Cheggf said:

The servants actually get 100x the buff the duelists get, but they have taken vows of pacifism so you'd never know.

Interestingly when your fighting they'll actually aggro on what your fighting and run up as if they're going to attack but suddenly remember they're unarmed and flee...

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