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Should Shadow Minions be able to Hammer Giant Crops upon Uprooting?

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Shadow Minions are able to assist Maxwell with farming crops by being able to harvest any crops that have fully grown and if they are average sized crops, then the minions will give the loot to Maxwell. However, if you successfully grow giant crops, then they will only uproot the crop and require Maxwell with a hammer or a weather pain to destroy the crops in order to obtain the loot. Do you think there should be a hammer variant of the shadow minion for this case, because I think the main concern was them destroying important structures within base. Maybe we can add restrictions like with the most recent hotfix preventing shadow minions from picking up specific items. I'd like to hear thoughts from those who have been trying out the minions for farming purposes.

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Yes. If you want to use the giants for decoration then you shouldn’t have summoned them.

But make the shadows take five hammer hits to hammer a giant unless Maxwell is wearing shadow armor or a thulecite club, in which case it takes two hits…

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