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A Question for the devs on the top hat change

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I wanted to ask this in the most recent change notes but that got a bit messy, so I made a space here for the question.

Out of curiosity, what was the decision making behind making the magicians top hat a crafting item instead of the imbuing process that we had before? I ask only because I thought this interaction was pretty cool and I am a bit sad to see it go, felt a lot more magical rather than just a crafting anim.

Love what you guys do, I hope that you Devs are doing alright, this refresh seems like its been a dozy. 

Thanks a bunch! 

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I hope (nah I don’t it’s too late) that’s some space to allow new spells, there'd be tons of possibilities and many I liked to think about to not have Maxwell only using trap / minion summons in the end, it’s sure more versatile but after the stuff like Wx78 and Wickerbottom got I… quite expected a more heavily loaded spell selection. Not too bad since the duelists change but you get the feeling.

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