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smoother clouds loop via zoom (Request)

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As of the newest beta zooming out has actually been slightly buffed so you have slightly more vision than before in exchange for clouds partly blurring out your vision

and i actually really like this premise, it's always been in the games but zooming out that far has always been a bit of a finger workout. But now it's actually possible without using your mouse scroll like a madman.

HOWEVER, (This where my request comes in) when the clouds move starting from the right side to the screen to the left it has this very jarring transition as you will see in this video example:



Basically the loop snaps back as soon as it goes to the left side of the screen meanwhile the right side has a much smoother entrance which then it repeats, making it have this very odd loop that doesn't look all that pleasing and is kinda annoying on the eyes. 

All in all i think a better loop of the clouds is in need for this premise to shine a bit more without looking jarring. 

That's all folks

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