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Finding blueprints for crockpot dishes!

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Hello! With the new addition of "recipe cards" I think it'd be an amazing idea to force players to scavenge for them, to learn blueprints to cook food. If they don't have the blueprint for a recipe, they won't be able to craft it! On top of this, a new UI for the cooking menu to accompany this would be useful, something like the crafting menu we have now, showing locked recipes, and stuff.

This might also inch into a Warly rework, perhaps? He could have all of the recipes unlocked. Something along those lines. Regardless, I'd find it a great addition to the game, and gives players something to do. What're your thoughts?

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While I get the joy of researching, I think the crafting system already scratches this itch for a lot of people no? Cooking is interesting in that technically every dish is available to you, you just need the ingredients, but unlike crafting, you don't get to see what makes what and so you need to experiment around rather than having to mark a check to allow the player to cook something.

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