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Don't Starve Together Patch 2.54 - 09/09/2022 (PlayStation)

  • Fixed extremely long saving times.
  • Fixed the world not being paused when in the character select screen.
  • Renamed Wickerbottom's "Mind's Eye Life Amulet" to "Mind's Eye Amulet" and gave it a more accurate description.
  • Hound Mounds will now generate Ice Hounds in Winter similarly to how it generates Fire Hounds in Summer.
  • Prototyping effects will now be triggered properly even if you have, but don't need to use, The Everything Encyclopedia buff.
  • Birds of the World and The End is Nigh! will now fail properly when unable to cast.
  • Fixed a case where boats could get stuck in an indestructible state.
  • Fixed the Stagehand breaking boat physics if it manages to get onto a boat.
  • Added a safeguard check to boats to try to stop them from moving across land.
  • Fixed a bug where Splumonkey Pods would not spread fire to nearby objects.
  • Fixed all spiders and Naked Mole Bats ignoring earthquakes.
  • Fixed Moonblind Crow and Misshapen Bird to now be slowed down by ground creep and trigger Spider spawns.
  • Fixed Toadstool not creating Sporecaps properly when there were Soil piles and other things blocking spawn points.
  • Fixed Toadstool's Sporecaps managing to get on top of ponds.
  • Fixed boats not saving their velocity resulting in them to be at rest on load.
  • Fixed a bug that caused servers with lots of world settings to not have the world settings show up in the server browser.
  • Fixed bug where Spider Queen can sometimes never spawn from a Spider Den.
  • Moleworms will no longer alert spiderwebs on the ground similar to Depths Worms.
  • Horticulture book spells will now work properly at night if the charge was consumed.
  • Horticulture book spells in progress will be properly saved and loaded.
  • Fixed an issue with the Fiery Pen not saving its uses correctly when at 100% durability.
  • Added missing strings for burnt Bookcases.
  • You can no longer plant Seeds in the Soil while the Garden Digamajig is plowing.
  • Lureplants will no longer spawn at locations where they cannot also be manually planted.
  • Fixed Wortox not getting souls when:
    •     Killing a Wobster while it is on land.
    •     Something alive perishes from spoiling while in the player's inventory.
    •     Cooking something alive.
  • Wortox Souls will no longer pop out of the inventory when murdering creatures in a full inventory if the Soul would compete with creature drops.
  • Minimap icons for Spiky Bushes have been added.
  • Stalagmite height variants have been added to cavern's worldgen rooms.
  • Fixed Polly Rogers not going away when the worn hat loses all durability.
  • Fixed Polly Rogers trying to give items to things that are not players.
  • Fixed Polly Rogers trying to flee from player controlled followers.
  • Fixed bug with Woodie's movement speed after transforming inside a Sandstorm.
  • Fixed bug causing Cannonballs to appear unexpectedly at the center of the world.
  • Fixed bug where planting a Birchnut Sapling failed to pacify a nearby Poison Birchnut Tree.
  • Fixed an issue with crafting things to avoid drowning.
  • Fixed Birds of the World from not spawning birds.
  • Fixed trying to store invalid recipes in the Cook Book.
  • Fixed spiced foods not unlocking the base food recipe in the Cook Book.
  • Fixed Grumble Bees from Apicultural Notes not following players through wormholes or long distances.
  • Fixed Grumble Bees from Apicultural Notes getting stuck in the world if their loyalty changed to the Bee Queen while being too far from their new leader.
  • Construction Amulets will no longer consume charges nor display active use in the crafting menu if the recipe is not discounted.
  • Fixed a crash related to a typo in the inventory component.
  • Fixed a crash related to the Pinchin' Winch.
  • Fixed a crash related to the Cookie Cutter.
  • Fixed a crash when reloading a player who spawned Grumble Bees with the Apicultural Notes.
  • Fixed a crash with Wolfgang during loading and initialization.
  • Fixed a crash with Winter's Feast trees going to the burnt stage when they were growing.
  • Fixed crash in Spring when Lureplants attempt to spawn.
  • Fixed audio bug where Wickerbottom book spell effects could sometimes be heard long after they were casted.
  • Fixed animation bug with Wurt reading The End Is Nigh: Gilded Edition.
  • Fixed art alignment for various objects and skins.
  • Fixed missing arms on various clothing combinations.
  • Fixed missing Webber feet when wearing Torn Costume.
  • Fixed Winona's Guest of Honor icon.
  • Haunting items in the ocean will now update the floating fx.
  • Fixed floating animation for several objects.
  • Fixed bug where an equipped Gnarwail Horn can sometimes become invisible.
  • Fixed animation bugs with Grass Gator
  • Fixed Wickerbottom books reading animations while mounted on a beefalo.
  • Fixed various minor skins related bugs, including missing feet!
  • Fixed Cave Hole textures being low quality.
  • Fixed some art issues with Walter and hats.
  • Fixed Ice Flingomatic range indicator art.
  • Fixed missing minimap icon for Monkeytails.
  • Fixed various minor animation bugs.
  • Fixed art alignment for various objects and skins.
  • Fixed wrong player foley sounds for the Ruins Brick turf.
  • Fixed Insulated Pack and Chef Pouch not having water floating FX.
  • Fixed Victorian axe highlights.
  • Fixed missing cuffs in Wes' Fool's Ensemble.
  • Fixed burnt Nautopilot not displaying properly.
  • Added skin tone variations to clothing skins where the underlying character's skin is exposed.
  • Tempering Temperatures will now also thaw all nearby frozen creatures and players.
  • Skins from the An Eye for an Eye collection have been changed from Inspired rarity to Woven.
  • Added skintone variants to Pyrestarter's Dress.
  • Adjusted Walter Hat skins.
  • Added shoes to Wilson's Mad Scientist outfit.

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15 hours ago, JanH said:

Fixed bug causing Cannonballs to appear unexpectedly at the center of the world.

Amazing job for fixed this..more than 4000 cannonballs were appear in my world out of nowhere in half a month ago, it brought me a lot of trouble...thanks Klei...If delay fix these for a week,, I'm planning to donate them to Russia..

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I play on PS5, and continued a 200 day splitscreen world with this update last night.

We found that rubber banding was quite prevalent when it wasn't beforehand.

Possibly related to the rubber banding, are moments lasting just under a second where no input appears to be detected from the controller, sort of like a minor hang that occurs seemingly randomly and with a frequency of about once every half hour.

Most noticeable, however, there is now a hang when another player enters or exits the caves, long enough to wonder if the game has broken.

And finally the first night we played, the dusk to night transition completed in about 1 second which was alarming. The following nights seemed ok to us.


Apart from that, some really great fixes in this update, thank you, the long load times were getting a bit concerning.

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Back to playing after a long hiatus (PS4), I noticed the load times into/out of caves are pretty insane. Leaving the caves at night results in getting nuked by Batalisks before the loading screen passes. Short term I'll only leave the caves during the day, but is there a long term fix for this coming? 

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On 9/9/2022 at 2:40 PM, JanH said:

Don't Starve Together Patch 2.54 - 09/09/2022 (PlayStation)

  • Fixed extremely long saving times.

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This is not fixed.

Sorry, Jan. But you must act asap to bring "the Old" DST to Console players.

The game is basically unplayable on PS4 since the monkey thing. Try it!

The loading time is HUUUUGE to everything: star the game, start new world, entering other people's world, open existing world, and every new day the game just lag/freeze for almost 10 seconds, every new day!

Enter or exit from caves is just a nightmare. Bats and Bunnymen will kill you, just because is 1/5 day to load the game, playing Solo!!!

The split screen is almost dead because of the lag.

Stop new reworks, refreshes and new stuff. We just need a playable game again!!! 

I'm quiting DST until you fix the game, because it is broken. Lag and performance was always an issue, but this time is an unplayable issue.


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8 hours ago, King.Bowser said:


The game is basically unplayable on PS4 since the monkey thing. Try it!


So true... my long term world is unplayable since the monkeys, so i started a new world but something is wrong cause i can't get spider queen after 200 days..., I tried again my old world after this patch and it crashed twice trying to change character at the portal... i haven't got the chance to play the new wickerbottom, but at this point the hype has already died.

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Critical Bug - PS5 and XBox - Single Player.

After this last update, caves causes a desynch on with the overworld time once entering it. Resetting the day to early moning inside caves.

Caves time cannot proceed once evening is reached. Time stops. Can spend forever in caves as daytime.

If you go back to above world... Time continues at the point you entered the caves.


The Cons: Lock in a season such as spring or summer by entering caves, never worry about elements like light, rain, winter. Cant wait out summer with caves if ill prepared.

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