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  1. Hi, On the PS5 home menu, when you hover over Don't Starve games, the title music plays. The volume of this music is quite a lot louder than all of my other games that share this feature. Turning on the PS5 and walking away always leads to me running back and moving the focus away from DST so that it doesn't disturb everyone. Could a member of the team have a look at how the volume compares to other titles, with a view to reduce the volume by about 25%? Many thanks, Wuntunzee
  2. When you have Auto-Pause on, you can only feed something like a lightbug, a helmet, a bone armour etc, when the item you're feeding it is in your inventory. If the fuelling item is in a container / chester / your piggyback / krampus sack, no feed animation plays when unpaused and the item to be fuelled is unfuelled. Untested with an ordinary backpack. Also, AFAIK it's the same when fuelling an equipped item, from inventory is fine, from piggyback, not fine.
  3. I can second this. It's happened before, you just get spawned in to a random location it seems, no postern. If you selected Starting Area Plus there are no crates to be found. If you regenerate world, the starting area crates and Postern are there. Couldn't recreate it either.
  4. moon rock idols display incorrectly when set down next to celestial portal.
  5. Hoping this will get looked at again with video of the problem. You can see in this video blowdarts leaving my inventory and my inspiration metre going up, but I only interrupt him once. (edit: purple and pearlescent socketed CK)
  6. Extremely difficult to reliably row around and away from Crab King with two people, as the row animation sometimes plays, sometimes doesn't. Also, when one player is hitting him during the health regen phase, continual melee or ranged attacks won't reliably stop him from completing regen animations. It doesn't matter if it's the host or a client rowing, when you need to reliably row away, there's a lag between rowing and the boat moving. Sometimes all of your previous rows suddenly catch up to you, sometimes they never worked in the first place. I think it could be the auto targeting thinking the plank wants to be extended / mounted with Circle, rather than the oar be used with Circle.
  7. Feeding a lightbug, usually after swapping backpacks, causes aberrant movement in the character and will not allow you to feed the lightbug unless it's in your personal inventory. I've not tested with other creatures you can feed in inventory like moleworms, rabbits, birds etc.
  8. Had some items turn invisible when putting them in backpacks for around 2 updates now. Happens on land but difficult to reproduce. On the boat it's pretty guaranteed. It could be related to another bug I'll treat separately.
  9. I'm getting the same error code in the UK on PS4, first time playing since installing the latest update yesterday. Start game. Select world. Start loading. Crash after 20 seconds or so. I can load into other people's games though.
  10. I had just fed 9 pigmen and started chopping birchnut trees down, but as I was picking up the birchnut nuts they got scared by my proximity and stopped chopping. Similar thing happened to chopping evergreens, but because I wasn't in such a rush to pick up after them, I wasn't jostling them. Also they got interrupted by a sudden treeguard. *edit to say before the latest update, pigmen would continue chopping unless I am attacked, they are attacked, or food was around, but there was always ample time to pick up the food before they'd break away from chopping, and this felt more like being jostled stopped them from chopping. I'm on PS4
  11. I can't get this to work, how do we do it on PS4?