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  1. Feeding a lightbug, usually after swapping backpacks, causes aberrant movement in the character and will not allow you to feed the lightbug unless it's in your personal inventory. I've not tested with other creatures you can feed in inventory like moleworms, rabbits, birds etc.
  2. Had some items turn invisible when putting them in backpacks for around 2 updates now. Happens on land but difficult to reproduce. On the boat it's pretty guaranteed. It could be related to another bug I'll treat separately.
  3. I'm getting the same error code in the UK on PS4, first time playing since installing the latest update yesterday. Start game. Select world. Start loading. Crash after 20 seconds or so. I can load into other people's games though.
  4. I had just fed 9 pigmen and started chopping birchnut trees down, but as I was picking up the birchnut nuts they got scared by my proximity and stopped chopping. Similar thing happened to chopping evergreens, but because I wasn't in such a rush to pick up after them, I wasn't jostling them. Also they got interrupted by a sudden treeguard. *edit to say before the latest update, pigmen would continue chopping unless I am attacked, they are attacked, or food was around, but there was always ample time to pick up the food before they'd break away from chopping, and this felt more like being jostled stopped them from chopping. I'm on PS4
  5. Thanks dude, much obliged.
  6. I can't get this to work, how do we do it on PS4?