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  1. This happens to me on PS5 too, even with 1 winged sail and I've seen others complaining about it too. Could you please look into this again? ._.
  2. I'm on PS5 and this happens to me too all the time. My character just gets stuck and I can't do anything for a couple seconds. It caused me so many boat crashes already :l
  3. I think they said in a Rhymes with Play stream that this is intentional. Spiders are only friendly towards chester when Webber has the eyebone.
  4. We were just sailing back to main land, after defeating the celestial champion and rebuilding the mysterious energy. Just as the saving symbol appeared, the game crashed. I also reported it through the playstation crash report thingy with a video clip.
  5. This is intended, they changed it in one of the recent hotfixes. Maybe being unable to force feed a Webber with raw meat could be considered a bug though?
  6. Yes it was. I posted it here the same day I took the screenshot. Maybe it just happens with this skin? Okay I tested a bit and it only happens with her Guest of Honor skin when merm king is alive. Look.
  7. Moonrock pengulls try to keep their distance from other moonrock pengulls. It doesn't look intentional but maybe it's because of the pandemic idk. You can see it in this video.
  8. When playing Wurt and holding one of Wes' balloons, she is also holding an axe for some reason. I tried it with regular and speedy balloon.