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About the Soul of Wortox

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The new version of Wortox has a sharp increase in the demand for souls, Can the carrying number of souls be increased? This allows me to focus on other things rather than having to go back and get souls after playing for a few minutes.


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You may need to build a soul pit stop. 

Create a few behives, I recommend 3 so no accidental overflows occur. 

Place a fling'o nearby to extinguish the beehives when you burn them and the bees will be consequently frozen in place as a result when they come out. Kill each defenseless bee as you shout "hyuhyuhyuhyu" as loud as possible.


You can also use a single catapult or a bramble husk to change the design as you wish.

You can build a network of these around the world so gathering souls to make long jumps is always easy. As a side bonus, the beehives also double as a food source. 

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You can carry extra souls by capturing stacks of insects/similar creatures via bugnets. Feed seeds to sustain them, murder by the stack for a boost.

Butterfly farms and bees are obvious, but if you have a bunch of concentrated swamp ponds, Mosquitos are also good.
Lightbugs too, if you're making trips to/near the Grotto.

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