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BETA Suggestion for "On Tentacles" book

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Hi, I hope everything is going fine with the beta.

Wicker is probably my most played character and my only suggestion would be to been able to select an area when reading the "On Tentacles" book to spawn the tentacles, kinda like the book from thw Forge, it's time consuming to put a lot of walls down to block tentacles from spawning, as for the cost of the walls I really don't care it's just the time it takes.

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I don't use the tentacles for killing bosses, I use them for farming, something like this in the screen capture, and yes I know it's an old pic, and it's a pain to replace the tentacles.1243477013_Screenshot2021-07-10155324.thumb.jpg.bde11f8831229126b3e7626114206994.jpg

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Why just the tentacles book though? I’d love a casting circle so I can target and effect what I want with her spell books.. 

Example of why this would be a good change: I can stand a distance away from a mob that will run/fly away and hit them directly with a spell like an RKO out of Nowhere..

It can’t be much harder to do then Wortox and his Soul Hop (which on Xbox using a controller always has a glowing on screen indicator circle on the ground of where your going to soul hop)

I imagine that a casting circle like this would allow wicker to do more advanced things she currently Can Not do.. such as: Pick and choose exactly which on screen plants, crops or resources her books grow, or to hit a Tree/Boulder/Enemy with The End is Nigh for Various effects.

I saw a cool video earlier where someone placed a bunch of lightning rods then spams TeiN causing the lightning to strike the rods in a clockwise rotation, being able to cast the first strike on the rod your aiming at… would let you control the rotation order the strikes move in.

Using On Tentacles could be used for Various NEW Purposes.. such as sneak attack hits on enemy mobs, or possibly even acting like a shovel to “uproot” nearby grass clusters (I just picture a bunch of tentacles slapping resources out the ground in a very limited area..)

This is what I was really hoping they would do with Wickerbottoms Rework- but sadly it doesn’t appear we are going to get a casters circle to pick & choose what some of her spells effect.

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