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Exscura's Art Thread!

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I've been playing the game for years and just really thought about making an
Art Thread on here, bare with me I'm still learning how everything here works!

For the start, have some art from 2021 I still kind of like, Roseate Wilson! :)


rose wilson frame.png

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6 hours ago, -Variant said:

Welcome to the art forums!! 

Absolutely gorgeous work, I'm in love with the way you stylize. Love your use for colors, I may have to reference it sometime... 

Ahh thank you!! Took me long enough :D
Glad you like it! The drawing is from 2021 and I'm actually still working on changing the style a little, hard to find something really good with DS characters.
That would be interesting! I'd love to see it :D

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5 hours ago, minespatch said:

Why is he smug in the first image? :wilson_ecstatic:

I had a few reference pictures and let someone randomly pick one by number, so smug it was xD
(I don't like that one at all tbh xD)

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