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I can't believe how wrong i was

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Awhile back i made a theory saying maxwell was william afton and it had literally no flaws at all. But then the wx trailer came out and now it is canon that wx is william afton. They both transfer their soul to an exo skeleton. Plus we also see wagstaff burn wx's yet wx is still around cause he always come back. My final damning piece of evidence is that look at this
William Xafton
with all this evidence it would be foolish to consider that wx is not william afton and i hope i was able to convince you.

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Whoa, that's really amazing conclusion to this saga, can't believe it all connected into this.

But really Jimmy, I do think you need to give me those Bio Datas you've kept around in your noggin' for a long while and get some sleep while you're at it.

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18 minutes ago, Dr.Medic said:

that means maxweell IS PHONE GUY!

"Hello.... helloooo?.... I'm here to record a message for you, to help you get settled in on your first night. You don't look so good. You better find something to eat before night comes..."

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