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That's what do i mean:

- Electrical engine. Converts electricity into mechanical force (process can be reverted without losing anything)

- Mechanical power has 3 params: speed, force and rotation.

- There are 2 types of cogwheels: large and small.  Small ones must be connected directly, big ones with one-tile space and together diagonally. They might have 2:1 ratio and can be placed on top of each other (thanks, connection). (2:1 ratio means when connecting large and small to linked ones, speed multiplies, force divides)

-  All non-default mechanical things (default are small & large friction wheels and electrical engine) must be crafted on crafting station, with a guy who has mechatronics engineering.

- A gearbox that allows to reverse output rotation and choose ratio. It must be crafted with chosen ratio.

- 4 transmissions can be crafted:
    - Friction (suitable only for small-loaded mechanisms, otherwise an overloading occurs, but not damages)
    - Belt (e.g. friction with a belt connection, same rules)
    - Cogwheel (requires mechatronics engineering, long crafting, has very high load capacity (depending on a material), but when limit breaks, damages)
    - Chain (same as cogwheel, with chain)

- To build a belt/chain transmission, you click only on 2 gears. Each gear allows multiple connections. Materials calculate using Pifagor theorem, rounding to KG.

- An overloading occurs when a receiver mechanism gains not enough force. To fix this you need to build an another generator or decrease speed. Another form appears when a material is not enough strong to feed the output. It calculates directly depending on excavation hardness for cogwheels and is constantly small for frictions.

- A solid state (you can walk on it) can be get if you build a box tile (you see what is inside, it holds gas/liquid that was there when you has built it, it connects disabling walls between, saving only outside walls. you can disable one side to run input/output through)

- Some mechanisms will require only mechanical force, some only electrical power (for example, convayor and eletrolyzer respectively)

- And finally, speed decides receiver working speed.


(if something isn't very understandable, pls notify)

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Sounds like a pretty big system to add. Would require changing a lot of existing structures.

Almost something i thought of as new game that would be an evolution of ONI. Using the same physics simulation but with added pressure and combustion we could simulate machines. Instead of having dupes run around them we could control a character that constucts them and places in the world for different purposes.

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they could try. The equivalent of a ten speed bicycle for heavens sake.

Do something, anything.

I(and others) have asked for this exact stuff 2-3yrs ago.

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Biggest issue, and I mean issue, I see with this is that such a game mechanic logically would also have 'waterwheel' type things that rotate via movement of debris, duplicants passing them, etc, and esher waterfalls would absolutely invalidate the need to use something to convert electricity into mechanical work...and because the process can be reversed, that means you'd get infinite power generation for no resource consumption, no heat, etc, by just abusing in game mechanics. The only way to prevent that would be to not include such things which would make the feature seem missing something.

It also sort of steps on the functionality provided by mechatronic stuff; like why use rails, loaders, etc if you could create belts and conveyor lifts using mechanical work...so either existing mechatronic stuff would need a large buff and tweaking, or the features you are thinking of would have to be pretty bad in order to not outclass those things.

Like on paper it is a super cool sounding concept, but I can't imagine a way that it can play nice enough with the existing game mechanics that doesn't make the feature feel lackluster or something you might use super early game and then never mess with again.

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Such great game requests in this thread :cheerful:

I like the Waterwheel and Cog request a lot, I`m pretty sure that Klei could figure out some ways to make them work for regular players. As long players see nice rotating wheels and have great graphics to look at and they have a game feeling of "Turning the big wheel"....Sounds sweet :p

ONi can give players the feeling of operating important stuff in a fun way, its like children racing to the water pump at the playground - Everybody wants to pump ! :lol: ...Cranes , Trains , Fire Engines , Plutonium , Fires , Water Dam`s , Mega-Drill-Tunnels , Microwave Space Global Electric Relay Stations , Sand Castles , Ghosts , Water Sprinklers , Chemical Reactions , Thunder & Lightning , Rainbows , Bicycles , Track Laying ...Yeah ! :congratulatory:

The ONi playground of joy :bee:


@SpomJ It would be great if players could build a mechanical watch ( or a tank :lol: ) in the game from all your suggested parts :beguiled:

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