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Should WX be BUFFED to 7 circuit slots?

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Let me start with the conclusion: me, and I assume other people that want a 7th slot, want a BUFF for WX.

Yes, we have all been discussing time and time again about creativity, challenge, options, but we've all seen the counter arguments. From both sides. Truth is, those factors are hard to quantify.
The simplest way we can discuss this is power. Do you think WX should be buffed to 7 slots? Why? Why not?

Now, I'm not the best or most efficient player. I have defeated all current bosses with Wigfrid and Wanda, and most of them with Wes (quite a few of them didn't exist back then). I trust that I could deal with the missing ones with Wes, but I don't really care about doing that right now. I'm not great against a few of them. I make mistakes. I fail to manage my time and inventory from time to time.
What I immediately liked about this refresh is how comfy it is. Permanent moggles? Easy to access speed? New ways to deal with seasons? Yes, please. And what would the 7th slot do? For me, and how I would play the new WX, mostly being able to equip night vision + thermal/refrigerant. Maybe 2 speed + thermal/refrigerant after celestial crown.

Now, that's definitely a decent buff for the character, no doubt. I personally value night vision enough that with 6 slots, I would end up just running night vision + 1 speed. Now, yes, I could switch up to illumination + thermal/refrigerant, but I think it loses a lot on that comfort I was really liking about this refresh.
I've never mained WX-78. I'm asking so much for tweaks on this beta (and no other so far if you check my profile. Quite the professional lurker I would say lol) because I see so much potential. The comfort would fit my playstyle so well. Yes, I could use mods or play a different character for an easier or harder time. Hell I could use the cheaty night vision mod. But I don't like those options. I play mostly without mods and I enjoy the challenges of the game, I just happen to think this buff wouldn't render said challenges null; just more comfortable to deal with.

Do you play WX? Will you play WX after the refresh comes out? Maybe I'm just projecting, but I think a lot of people that would say yes to the second question would really appreaciate the 7th slot. And if you won't try maining them after the refresh, do you really think the 7th slot would be that bad? So strong it reduces the options people try? Honestly, I think people that would change a lot of circuits with 6 will still do it with 7. And the same for people that would just run one combo.

Thank you for reading.

Also yes, another 7th slot thread, I'm fun like that :D sorry

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7 slots isn't really necessary for reasons I have gone into before, but honestly the main reason I don't want 7 slots is that it will completely mess with the symmetry. Currently you can completely fill the board with six 1's, three 2's or two 3's. Its simple, elegant, and looks visually pleasing. adding that 7'th slot will break that, you won't be able to fill the whole board with just one type of circuit, other than the 1 pin circuit of course. all it would really allow is the use of 3 slot circuits with a 4 slot circuit, as well as using two 2 slot circuit's with a 3 slot one.

Since its so late in the beta, I feel like the dev's deliberately don't want you to be able to use a 3 slot with a 4 slot. They made the light circuit, something that was once a 4 slot, into a 3 slot, allowing you to use it with another 3 slot, but they didn't do that to the night vision circuit. That tells me that they intentionally designed the night vision to limit your options due to its power, but still allow you to be endlessly immune to night with the cheaper light circuit.

Also 7 is just such a strange number to use, its not only an odd number, but a prime number, so it cant be divided by anything cleanly. Its not a very robot number to use.

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1 hour ago, RogerMu said:

It's 1 less than a power of 2, it's a VERY roboty number if you're familiar with binary lol

I do admit him having 8 possible power levels starting from 0 would be a funny joke nobody would get, but he really doesn't need a 7th slot. I think instead they should buff some underperforming circuits and maybe add some more 1 slot circuits. Would allow way more creativity than just adding another slot.

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1 hour ago, Random Guy000 said:
8 hours ago, RogerMu said:

It's 1 less than a power of 2, it's a VERY roboty number

...and 6 is 2 less then the power of 2, it's a VERY roboty number

Clearly very familiar with binary, yes

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I still recommend using gears or electronics or rotten wires to increase the number of slots, because fixing six slots is just too boring, and isn't the robot upgrading itself the central idea?

10 hours ago, Cheggf said:

6 is a balanced number and what he should have but it has nothing to do with robots.


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