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Chorusbox circuit, wetness, 100 base stats and such !

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Hi everyone, everyone is talking about or good WX getting reworked, the rework is awesome but alot of us still wish for some tweaks, here's mine that I wish to see to make WX gameplay deeper than what's already here.

Chorusbox circuit : Most of us find the effect very underwhelming for how much space it takes and the difficulty of getting it. Beside sanity gain for other player and talking to plants, that one is pretty much useless, There's no versatily in its use.

What could be a nice tweak to that one would be tool efficiency, being able to chop/mine/hammer faster (maybe even craft ?). It would make that circuit actually useful in alot of cases. (I guess that some other circuits could be tweaked too but I feel like they are useful enough if the base stat go to 100 or is fun enough to be used).

Wetness : For the moment, wetness is very trivial to WX gameplay, you loose charge, then health, you get stunned periodically. You probably won't die from it but it's midly annoying at best.

Loosing both health and charge at the same time as soon as the meter get to that little string on the wetness meter (Yes, they changed its wetness meter) would actually makes it a better threat, especially if the moistier you are, faster your health and charge depleat. It would be even better if WX's base stat was 100.

100 : This one is requested enough for me to not have to explain what I want in details, just 100 base stat in every stat, pretty simple.

What is interesting in that request is the way WX will be played, some people will want to upgrade their base stats to be sturdier and have that nice "getting stronger" feeling while still retaining the basic utility that every character has. And some people will want more utility based circuits that will make them be fast character able to do alot of different task faster than other characters while being abit squishier.

Right now WX has very little downsides other than loosing charge while removing circuits from it. Wetness is still a joke and his base stat are far from being considered "squishy" they're basic. Having a little less stat is very enjoyable and actually makes you play differently (on top of all that circuits can provide).

Bonus :
Some stuff that I would like to see but aren't as important and where I don't feel like wirting an essay about it.

-Drone master circuit : Regen should be more significant to be actually usable.
-Heat/cooling and Illumination circuit : Illumination should fused with both of them and take 4 slots. (While still separating heat and cool circuits)

-Skin : With each reworks, a new skin get added, I know that it's just a fantasy (and since I made a drawing it won't be added haha) but a WX skin where it looks like robot Wagstaff would be dope in my opinion.




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I agree with all of them except for the bonus and The Wetness, I like what the Wetness does to WX-78 now, but if we had to go with your idea make WX-78 have Wetness circus by scanning the Cookie Cutter or they upgrade themself to be immune to water.

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On 4/18/2022 at 10:23 AM, Rafi. said:

100 : This one is requested enough for me to not have to explain what I want in details, just 100 base stat in every stat, pretty simple.

I wanted to post this in @lakhnish's thread but it seems to be buried right now

What if we gave wx 100 base stats, 7 slots and he can still upgrade with gears but

his max stats with gears are 125 hunger 150 sanity and 200 health

Half of what we used to have, and it can still take 15 gears

(well his full upgrade for hunger was 200 but dividing that in half would mean he gets no increase so it should probably just stay at 125

What do you think of that?

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