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Circuit ideas

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What if WX78 had a weather pane circuit where if he scans moose goose and equips it, he can shoot out the tornados, he can only shoot a limited amount and they take time to recharge on its own (separate from the electricity meter)

I wanted WX78 to have a way to harvest wood and rocks faster, however I didn't want him to be similar to Wolfgang Maxwell or Woodie, I think it's the perfect way and having it locked behind moose goose and it being limited would balance it

My next circuit idea is a stronger grip circuit, which allows him to pick grass/twigs/reeds and all that stuff instantly, I still think that would be one of the best circuits to give him, it would make him extremely unique.

Finally, We could also have a damage circuit that gives him 25% more damage like Wigfrid, I think that would be a better alternative if a circuit that gave electric damage would be too much, but an electrical damage circuit is still something I'd love for him to have






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1 hour ago, maradyne said:

I'd like a shadow-powered circuit, or a lunar one.

WX is always chasing that power when it appears.

absolutely, that makes perfect sense

and maybe a thulecite circuit too

OH YEAH THULECITE CIRCUIT that's a genius idea! you must scan ancient guardian for it, that can be the one that gives you damage, or maybe it can spawn shadow tentacles?

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I have another idea

What if other people can scan with jimmy?

Let's say you're playing with multiple people and Klei really did happen to add in ruins/nightmarefuel/moon themed circuits and the ruins circuit requires you to scan ancient guardian

however, your team has a Wolfgang and he's been assigned to go to the ruins alone, while WX and the others focus on base and surface bosses like bee queen

to avoid not getting the circuits he wants, WX can lend jimmy to Wolfgang so Wolfgang can scan ancient guardian for him

because if Wolfgang kills AG it will be a very long time before he can scan it again, unless Klei allows you to scan the horn itself which came from the boss. This would mean each scan would drop a unique blueprint for WX only

it would probably mean that Wolfgang would need a hutch and piggy back since inventory management is going to become hell, but I still think it's a good idea, but to be fair being able to scan the horn would be enough, that means wolfgang wouldn't need to take jimmy to the ruins and he can just bring back the horn for WX

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